10 Amazing and Shocking Facts Of Internet Usage In One day

Here are 10 shocking and amazing facts about things done on internet in just one day.


  1. There are 3 million images uploaded to Flickr everyday, that many images can fill 375000 pages photo album.
  2. 43,339,547 gigabytes are sent across all mobile phones globally everyday.
  3. 700,000 new members are joining Facebook everyday with 45 million status updates daily.
  4. There are 5 million tweets per day enough to fill New York Times for 19 years.
  5. Bloggers post 900,000 new articles everyday.
  6. Over 210 billion emails are sent daily which is more than a whole year worth of letter mail in the USA.
  7. Daily 250 million search are done on google. and till now about 2 trillion searches.
  8. Daily around 200000 videos are uploaded on youtube which will require over 600 years to view them all.
  9. Bill gates make more then $33 per second and $1,018,181,818 per year.
  10. Google uses around 900,000 servers. The electricity used by these servers is enough to light up a whole small nation.