10 Best Free Amazing Apps For Android SmartPhones

The applications for Android come in a large numbers and in huge varieties. They can be downloaded for Android based devices from the Google Play website. The developers of the applications use excellent forms of technology to make them functional and entertaining. A number of such wonderful applications can be obtained without any cost. This article describes some of the most marvelous free Android apps.

Great free apps for Android

Listed below are some of the most fabulous free apps for Android:

1.) Yelp –

Yelp is an extremely functional application which provides information about local businesses. If you are traveling to a new city, you can know about places to shop, eat and drink with the help of this application. You can use this application to find information about your own city as well. Find restaurants, cafes and bars in no time. This application also enables you to read reviews of local businesses so that you can decide which places to go and which places to avoid.

2.) Epicurious –

There are a number of Android applications which are related to food. One of the very best is Epicurious. This application will enable you to browse through 30,000 + recipes. You can find recipes from famous magazines such as Gourmet and Bon Appetit. Recipes from famous cookbooks and chefs can also be found. Recipes are easy to find as they are categorized into sections like “Healthy Lunches” and “Decadent Desserts.”

3.) Mint.com Personal Finance –

This application simplifies money management by enabling you to include your bank account and credit card details right on your phone. It creates a personalized budget for you and allows you to keep a track of your spending. Save money and manage your finances more efficiently with the help of the fabulous technology of this application.

4.) Google Goggles –

This is an amazing appliaction through which you can serach for things by using pictures instead of texts. You can use pictures of landmarks, products, cds, dvds, books, artworks etc and get relevant information about them. It also enables you to scan barcodes and obtain information about products. Further, you can translate testx of foreign languagaes by taking their pictures. Languages such as French, German, Italian can be translated.

5.) Hotels.com –

This is a brilliant application which can come really handy while travelling. You can search for hotels in the place that you’re visiting. Get access to last minute deals and make a selection from over 140000 hotels in 200 countries.
This application is available in 70+ countries in over 34 languages. It also offers regular special deals known as ‘Tonight’s Local Deals’.


A Google OS, Android, Google Earth for all Android phones that are Android OS 2.1 or newer. By visiting m.google.com / Earth on your phone, you can download Google Earth and enjoy the great features like 3D graphics, Local Search, My Location, Voice Search, Multi-touch, and Layers. It is so far the fastest version available on any mobile phone.

7.)Store Savvy –

Shopaholics like me will absolutely spit over this amazing app known as Store Smart. All you have to do is to catch the bar code of a item, and the app does the relax. It decodes the bar code, and looking relatively better costs from other on the internet resources. It also has a narrow score in the ground that allows you create the right option quickly.


Okay, this app really creates me envious for not having an Operating system cellphone. Ringdroid is a no cost program that allows you draw out an individualized ringer from one aspect of your popular. According to Operating system Industry, it is the only visual waveform writer that you can find on a cellphone. Is not it an excellent “wow”?

9.) Seesmic –

For the really like of Tweets, I existing to you foursquare for Operating system. It allows you remain modified with all the twitter posts on the street. With its capability to handle several records in one position, you really do not need to log in and out all time. Very useful, and very limited.

10.) Android RSS reader

You can always remain modified with the inclusion with the use of the newest information and you can quickly looked at immediately within your gadget. You just need to simply select the information to study the entre information on its web page. This program was designed by Zirak .

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    Cool list! I’m looking forward to checking these apps out tomorrow, when I head out for a long business trip for my job at Dish tomorrow. I’m going to an unfamiliar area, so a lot of these sound like they will really come in handy. I didn’t see you mention any kind of entertainment apps though, so I was wondering what you recommend in that category. Entertainment is essential to me because of all the down time I have waiting around in the airport, so I can use all the recommendations I can get! The one app I use right now as a time-killer is Dish Remote Access. I have a Sling Adapter at home, which allows me to view all of my favorite shows on my phone, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world on 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.

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