10 Facebook Apps For Business Promotions

Facebook is the heaven for marketing professionals. In the last couple of years, industry experts have shown us how Facebook can give better ROI and that one doesn’t need a website or blog anymore to market on Facebook.

What are Facebook Apps?

The Facebook Apps are an extension of the Facebook platform where developers bring in third party applications for the users to use on their Facebook profile, page and groups, which enhance the value of the initiative. The Facebook apps are similar to the WordPress plugins.

10 Facebook Apps for Business Promotions

Here, I am giving you a list of 10 apps that are beneficial for promoting business on your Facebook page and profile.

(1) vBroadcast & Viddler

Both are video sharing platforms. In vBroadcast, you can show live shows on the Facebook page and profile, and share it with fans and friends. With Viddler web application, you can upload and share digital media with the Facebook fans. However, ensure that you have the rights and permissions to upload and share the videos; otherwise, it will be a violation of Facebook policies.

(2) RSS Graffiti 2.0

If you have an active blog / business community, use this application to share feeds on the Facebook page, profile and groups. The feeds are automatically updated. It is a good way to receive business traffic. Of course, the content should spark interest in readers to click the RSS links.

(3) Networked Blogs

If you want your online business or blogs to be successful, it is not enough or in fact, acceptable to just promote your products and services. The online community demands that worthwhile recommendations are shared as an important networking criterion. Using the Networked Blogs applications fulfills this notion. You not only display your content but others as well.

(4) Social RSS

With social RSS app, you can publish interesting content on the Facebook fan page and profile, and endorse other content pages as well. It serves the same purpose as that of Networked Blogs.

(5) Twitter Pages

If you want better social media sociability through Twitter, use this application to connect your Twitter account with a chosen Facebook page. This application will display the Twitter feeds on the Facebook page as well. Further, if you visit the Settings page of Facebook profile, you can connect LinkedIn and Twitter with Facebook as well.

(6) Fan Appz

Fan Appz is a group of social media applications which will help you to enhance social media engagement on the blog / website as well as the Facebook page. It encourages viral sharing and helps to promote social media campaigns online.

(7) Mail Chimp, Constant Contact & Contact Me

If you want to build a list of potential clients, use any of the above applications by embedding them in the Facebook page. These are one of the best solutions available for email marketing. Users visiting the Facebook page will be prompted to subscribe and gradually, the list building efforts will show results. If you don’t have accounts in either of these, you can create one through the apps links.

(8) Sweepstakes & Contests

Either of the applications is useful for running giveaways and contests on the Facebook page. It is a proven fact that giveaways go a long way to establish readership on blogs and build a list of potential business clients.

(9) Demand Force Coupons

If you want to attract customers towards businesses, giving away redeemable coupons is a viable option. Use the Demand Force Coupons application to integrate coupons into the Facebook page.

(10) Payvment e-Commerce

This is your one-stop solution for launching a Facebook-based storefront where you can upload and customize any kind of products and promote it through their massive store to potential buyers. Of course, you can make use of Facebook Advertising too to gain targeted traffic on the store.

Facebook App Store

Facebook has recently announced that it is introducing a new App Center which will contain all the apps available on the social platform, defined in two categories – those that are owned by Facebook and those that necessitate a login to connect with the site.

Unlike other app sites, these will be free, says Rafe Needleman from CNET, with the purpose of promoting the Facebook platform and the use of social apps. Also, the Facebook App Center will refer apps. For instance, if you are looking for some app that is available only in Apple App center, the Facebook app center will direct you there and you can purchase it directly from Apple app center.


There are more than 500,000 apps on Facebook, which will soon be doubled once the Facebook app center is inaugurated. My list is obviously not even remotely exhaustive; however, if you are looking forward to begin promotions and marketing on Facebook, the above mentioned 10 apps should be the starting point.


Author Bio: Chitraparna Sinha is a content curator and a marketing associate with the Android application development company called Agiliq.com. If You Wish To Write Articles For Whitec0de Magazine, then Click Here.