11 Questions For Attrition.org

11 Questions For Attrition.org
11 Questions For Attrition.org

Here are the 11 questions we would like attrition.org to reply to.

Attrition Open For Asking Questions
Attrition Open For Asking Questions

1. What is the motto of Attrition.org and how has it been consistent (if at all)?


2. Please define man behind the mission for attrition.


3. If man behind the mission fails to comply with the motto of attrition.org, what happens next?


4. Circumstance vs Crime, how would you differentiate between both?


5. From what others understand the project was initiated to ‘eradicate’ charlatans but, it has resulted into a marketing tool. Several examples. How would you comment on it?


6. Do you feel there is a need to re-strategize your approach?


7. Journalism is ‘as is’, blogging is ‘what I feel, it is’. How are attrition.org staff following journalism?


8. Someone copies (plagiarizes), you publish it on original author’s behalf or you publish just because you personally want to?


9. The session when you contact the plagiarizing author, you know they have copied and you have fair understanding about it, why even bother communicating with them? or is it that you are trying to achieve something? How much has the communication really changed your mind?


10. As a third person when you look at what attrition.org does and what cyber bully does (on social media), how well can you differentiate between both and why?


11. What is the quickest change you would want to make in the project?