12 things To Increase Conversion Rate Of Landing Pages

12 Simple Ways To Increase Conversion Rate Of Landing Pages

Increase Conversion Rate Of Landing Pages
Increase Conversion Rate Of Landing Pages

Since the landing page is the web page that readers usually land on after clicking on text ads or banner ads, it should contain more room where you can advice them about what to do instead of miniature 3 line text ads or boxes. Most landing pages consist of a call for action, bullet points or targeted texts. Most successful affiliate marketers split test landing pages for much better conversion. You known that your landing page needs to be improved, when the numerous visitors who visit it do not answer your action requests. No landing pages are perfect; however you can improve conversion rates with a few simple ways. Here are 12 things you can do to Increase Conversion Rate Of Landing Pages.

Helpful Tips for Boosting Conversion rate of landing pages

       Your goal. You goal should be defined clearly, whether you want visitors to download  White paper, or you want to make a demo, you want visitors to buy something. All these things on your landing page should work towards accomplishing your goal.

       Headline. You should have a clear as well as a concise title.

       Crisp wordings. You should make a short and crisp way to make your point.

       Relevancy. Making your landing page relevant to the ads which were clicked by the readers, otherwise, you will lose the reader instantly.

       Colors. Colors make a big difference on your conversion rate and it has been noted that blue color as the background gets the most conversion. Blue with yellow is also an excellent color combination.

       Form placement. Forms to be filled by the reader should be on the right side of the landing page, as they usually have 5% to 10% high conversion rate.

       Form fields. Shorter the form, the better will be the conversion. There are some landing pages which ask around 10-14 fields to be filled out. This may be tiresome for readers who do not have much time.

       Buttons. Call to action buttons that are green in color has been known to convert 21% higher than red buttons.

       Free. In all the offers, the word FREE boosts conversion rate around 10%

       Fonts. Color fonts are very unpopular, as it is hard for people to read. Use general fonts like Arial or Times New Roman and comfortable colors like maroon or orange. Red color should be avoided.

       Video. If it is difficult to get readers to convert, you should use video to make a call to action, as videos are very powerful.

       Phone number. Placing a unique toll free phone number on your landing page helps in keeping track of all the calls generated by your landing page. Maximum calls end up in closed deals and this kind of conversion rates are around 20% higher than web leads.

Always remember that there is always room for more improvement, if your landing page is not converting 100%. These split testing suggestions can help in increasing the lander’s conversion rate in a great way.

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