#1337 Geek Of The Day: Sanjit Chohan


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About #1337 Geek of The day: Sanjit Chohan

#1337 geek of the day: Sanjit Chohan
#1337 geek of the day: Sanjit Chohan

Sanjit is a 19 year old student from Udaipur (Rajasthan), who is wasting time doing B.tech in Computer Science. He is a Young Indian Entrepreneur, running around half a dozen Blogs and Websites.   So let us begin with our first Geek Soul.

Sanjit Chohan started blogging at the age of 16 on udaipurblog.com. He says, “UdaipurBlog.com has Local Niche so it got good recognition In Udaipur City and being it an influential and informative medium, it made me feel to blog regularly. Soon it turned up as source of Good income for me “

Definition of Geek:

According To Sanjit, a Geek is a Hardcore fan Of  Computer Technology and Gadgets. He Does Things with a difference, something which regular people around him don’t. He is smart. He finds his own way of doing things.

I feel So Geek Moments:

1). My First AdSense Cheque that too worth $330.

2). The Day i got myself my first ever $650 Mobile.

3). When i got my MacBook Pro, delivered to me by my friend Chetan.

4). The day when I got 60k visitors on my website.

My Wish list:

1). I would like to get my own Dexter Style laboratory cum Office:D.

2). Steady Passive Income with less efforts (Geeks Are lazy) :P

3). Buying a SUV Car in next 6 months :D

My 1337 Gadgets List:

Sanjit Chohan Gadgets
Sanjit Chohan Gadgets

1).  iPod Touch 4

2). Samsung Galaxy S I9000m

3). Nikon d5100

4). Apple MacBook Pro 13′

 5). Set Of  Cool Pen drives (around 10)

6). BlackBerry Torch

#1337 Prediction For Google and Facebook:

Google: It has smart engineers they will definitely keep coming with something creative they are the people who defined the Internet. And their name is now Alias for the term Internet.

Facebook: It is a Good to see it growing massively, but everything that goes massive can’t sustain the same way till they don’t come up with something new. So if they come up with something new, they will survive the race.

Geek Gyan:

Sanjit says  “Blogging and content generation will be the next big thing that will be dominated by Students, as daily more and more students are joining the blogging industry.  Now people have started taking Blogging as Profession.”

According To him, “Patience is a Key to Success. So develop Patience toface any situation, whether it is related to Blogging, Coding or in Real Life.”

Some 1337 Words:

Sanjit Chohan On His Bull
Sanjit Chohan On His Bull

I hope Whitec0de.com will surely reach those people, who want to know more about the Geek World and its inhabitants.

  Thanks a Lot for whitec0de.com for featuring me. You are doing a great job.

I would love to see more of the interviews of the other geeks. 

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