25 Funniest Pictures Of This Week

Hitler Wants Some Juice :D

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The Google Search Desperation

Whats After The Big Kiss?

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Feel Like A Scientist


An Atheist

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IRAN For Dummies

The Pencil and The Cassette

Age Wise Drinking

Do you remember this Helicopter?

I can bet you didn’t see the King Kong

Who Turned Around :D

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Then And Now

Wireless Bird

Mother Of Clocks

Cellphones: Before and After

The Real Life Transformers


This Is How I Feel After My Practical :D

Bla Bla Is In Relationship

Johny Derp :D

There Are Few Things That Money Can’t Buy :D

And then Someone Invented Internet

Only The 90’s Kids Will Understand

Unborn Atheists

  • Very funny images.. Nice collection.. :)

  • ElanVacations

    great pictures of the week..

  • Nona Yerbinez

    That’s not how the helicopter is done. The adult is standing and spinning. Clearly you’re a child of the ’90s…..

  • ajay

    su[erb!! enjoyed

  • Very good..the Jose Mourinho pic is so funny…
    And the last pic is really superb…it has so much meaning in it..

  • jazejai

    Nice pics…<3

  • Neeraj Bhushan

    some very good. rest cliche. thnx for sharing though.

  • someone

    hey you son of a bitch…some of the pics over here are offensive….in different aspects and mainly religion….fuckr

  • wilfred1940

    I enjoyed every bit.

  • Superb!

  • Special

    Great pictures :) Love ’em

  • abhilash


  • aditya

    awesome! great pics

  • sundararaj13

    really wonderful images, all are funny

  • Shobna


  • Jimmy

    cool !! nostalgic… another 90’s kid.

  • The Hitler pun is enjoyable.

    • What about Google desperation? True experience. Rarely you see anything new after the first page!

  • great pictures

  • Brother John

    Lose one of these, you’re fucked — only 90s kids will get it? ‘Scuse me, I had those before 1985…

    And yes, lose one and it’s useless…

  • Lame website, this is

    Last picture is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read…