3 Must Use Marketing Tools

3 Must Use Marketing Tools
3 Must Use Marketing Tools

There are all sorts of ways that a firm can communicate with consumers, but in many cases they go unnoticed by companies.
If you are serious about helping your organisation achieve its potential in terms of advertising reach, then you should be investigating all of them and probably using the majority to some extent.
Every marketer worth their salt should have looked into the conventional advertising options – such as print, radio and television – within minutes of starting in their role, but some alternatives may not immediately spring to mind. However, it is because they are not the first things to come to mind that they may work best, since your competitors might not yet have thought of them.
So which additional marketing tools do you have at your disposal that could give you a competitive advantage? Here are three examples.

Transactional documents:

Bills, invoices and other transactional documents are naturally used primarily for communicating account details, but why not utilise customer communications management systems to promote other products or services on the same letters? Recipients tend to open such messages – unlike the majority of junk mail – and actually read what is said on them.

Social media:

Social networks have been around for a while now but not everyone has cottoned on to how they can be used most effectively. Stop trying to place strict monetization metrics on social media interactions and simply use the channel to enhance relationships with customers – the conversations taking place on social networks often have great promotional value.

Cross-channel campaigns:

Not strictly a tool on its own – more of an overarching strategy – a cross-channel campaign enhances your advertising effectiveness by ensuring that your separate strands of marketing converges on a central message. By referencing social media activity on transactional documents, or online competitions on radio broadcasts, you are likely to achieve better engagement levels with consumers.

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