5 Awesome 3D Printing Gadgets

2D sketching is too boring, check these 5 3D doodlers and what they are capable of:

#1: 3D Doodlers

The makers of 3D Doodlers, Wobble Works Inc., claim it to be the world’s first 3D writing pen. They recently launched the second avatar of the original version after raising $1.5 million through Kickstarter campaign. The second version made some much-needed improvements, including an option to change the size and shape of the tip, a smaller design, and a quieter fan.

Printing Material: Plastic (PBS and ABS)

3D Doodlers 1

3D Doodlers 2

3D Doodlers 3


Website: http://the3doodler.com/

#2: 3D SimoMini

3D Simo - 3D Printing
3D Simo – 3D Printing

3D Simo Mini is not your average 3D printing pen; it can burn, solder, cut besides 3D printing. No wonder the company is positioning it as the “Ultimate Creator’s Tool”. It’s one of the most versatile pens in the market as of now considering the fact it can draw on a wide variety of materials. It is much smaller and smarter than its elder sibling, the original 3D Sino.

Printing Materials: Plastic, metal, wood, leather and foam materials.


Website : http://3dsimo.com/

#3: Scribbler 3D Pen


This pen is highly customizable and lets the user chose between 6 speeds as per his convenience. The third iteration now comes with an ergonomically designed body while is much simpler and sturdier than the previous versions. It also comes with a large led screen to monitor the functioning and state of the pen. The users have the option of owning the scribbler in 8 different colors.

Printing Material: Plastic, Wood, Metal.

Scribbler 3D Pen 1


Scribbler 3D Pen 2

Website: www.scribbler3dpen.com

#4: Polyes Q1

Polyes Q1 2

Scribbler 3D Pen 1

Polyes Q1 differentiates itself from other 3D pens in the market by virtue of its cool ink technology. The developers claimed that safety and security was the first priority while designing Polyes Q1. They completely eliminated heat-producing parts that also reduced awful smelling odour of melting PBS and ABS. It also comes with a safety feature to protect children’s eyes, which stops the user from drawing up in the air.

Website : www.3dp.fm

#5: LIX 3D Pen


Lix 3D pen redefines the world of portable 3D printing pen. It is the world’s smallest circular 3D printing, which is as good and any other 3D printing pen. What’s more, it charges in less than a minute and ready to print.

Printing Material : Plastic (PBS and ABS)
Website: http://lixpen.com/
Bonus : PENCIL!!! Surprised? We kid you not! There is a startup based in Delhi who believes that expensive 3D printing pens should not be a constraint in expressing your creativity. Morphedo provides a service that turns your normal 2D drawings and sketches in exact 3D replica. The best part is that the prices start at only 99 bucks, which is much cheaper than a cup of coffee at CCD. So grab that pencil and bring out the hidden artist in you!

Pencil Morphedo
Pencil Morphedo

Website: www.morphedo.com