5 Cool SEO Apps For Android Smartphones

Make the switch to droid with these 5 effective SEO tools

Have you noticed how most SEOs opt for Android smart phones? It’s true; As an SEO analyst, I found that many of my peers and colleagues chose Android as their mobile platform. Since making the switch myself, I’ve never looked back, and today, thanks to the following five SEO apps, I’m able to monitor my various site’s analytics, page rank, maintain a solid social media presence, research current keywords, check for back links, and keep tabs on any potential site penalties without even logging on to my computer. I can do it all from my Android phone.

Here are my 5 must-have SEO Android apps.

1. SEO Keyword Checker (Free – for Android)



The SEO Keyword Checker app is not only free—it’s also all you need to examine your website’s strengths and weaknesses—including things like keyword density, missed opportunities, and niche opportunities for adding certain key words and blog post topics.

2. Webrank SEO (Free – for Android)

Another extremely useful and totally free app you can take advantage of is Webrank SEO. This app will completely analyze your entire website with just one simple click! It’s honestly like having a solid SEO suite of tools on your mobile phone that you can take with you anywhere. Use it to keep tabs on your Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, indexed pages, back links, potential penalties on your site, and much more for multiple search engines. Plus, the Sociometer function will track your social media prowess (i.e., Facebook likes and shares, retweets via Twitter, and activity on your Google+ account).

3. mAnalytics ($1.30 – for Android)

The mAnalytics app (or Google Analytics for the Android device) offers every function that the regular Google Analytics tool offers—without having to log on to your PC or laptop. What I love about this SEO app is that it lets me monitor my sites easily on the fly. The app even logs me in automatically so I don’t have to do a thing! After you log in, the appdisplays all accounts and subaccounts in a single list, quick view screen, eliminating any need to search subaccounts if you only have one site. This app really puts the basic website analytics in the palm of your hand!

4.SEO SiteRank Lite (Free – for Android)

The free version of SEO SiteRank allows users the basic function of grabbing your page rank, Alexa rank, as well as a historical table of previously searched sites for your website or blog—right in your browser. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to be connected to the internet to view this data as the app doesn’t operate independently of your mobile browser. The paid version of this app is $8 U.S.

5. SEMTab SEO Pro ($1.99 – for Android)

The SEMTab SEO Pro app is a great social monitoring tool that will aid in the tracking of your blog or website’s presence and strength on various social networks—including Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious. This app also doubles as a tool that monitors things like your site’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) prowess, domain ranking prowess, back links, and inbound links.


About The Author: Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer and SEO Consultant who specializes in blogging on viral marketing, social media, and internet marketing tips and techniques. Caeden has written for numerous blogs in a variety of fields ranging from software to fitness, and from gourmet food to travel.  If You Wish To Write Articles For Whitec0de Magazine, then Click Here.