5 Reasons the iPad Tablet Won’t Replace Laptops

5 Reasons why An iPad Tablet won't replace a Laptop
5 Reasons why An iPad Tablet won’t replace a Laptop

Since the release of iPad in April 2010, half the tech naysayers is busy writing the laptop’s obituary while the other half is busy digging its virtual burial site.

Both laptop and iPad serves the same purpose, mobility, and most experts argue that iPad is better equipped than laptops to feed the hunger of future mobile users for the need to go small and light. In a way, this argument makes a lot of sense. After all, iPad can do everything that a laptop can do in a much smaller package.

Or, is it, really?

Before you chuck your HP coupons into the fire, let us talk about a few characteristics of laptops that even the most avid iPad users will envy.

Screen size

iPads are designed with no more than 10.1″ screen size, and we don’t see that improving in the near future, or even in the far future. Extending the screen size will turn the iPad into, well, a Macbook. And that’s a laptop with an Apple logo, right?

The smaller screen size will confine the iPad to highly mobile users who are satisfied with squinting over tiny texts and graphics, and will leave the arena of other applications such as mobile gaming to high end laptops. Even home and office users will hate to trade in their 17″ screen size to the palm sized LED of iPads and other tablets.

Lack of a true keyboard

Apple can create smaller motherboards for iPads, thinner screen, and make other component lighters. But there’s no escaping the fact that nobody loves a tiny keyboard, not even kids. Checking emails or reading news online will suffice, but try typing a 10 page research work on an iPad and you’ll know why we will still need laptops 100 years from now.  The only way to get around this, is to get a dock, and carry a keyboard around with you.

Raw Power

The most loaded iPad 3 will have a hard time matching up with the speed and capacity of even the cheapest middle of the pack laptop today. Of course, iPad fans will argue that it was never really designed for power, which is actually silly. For anything to replace laptop, it must have the same or greater speed and capacity than it. Anything less will not do.

Storage capacity

Laptop users are finding more and more things to store in their devices, from photos to videos, that a terabyte of hard disk space is no longer a safe bet to last for years. For example, gamers routinely need more than half their hard disk’s capacity just for installing their favorite games. Until cloud services are the norm, Apple will be hard pressed to match the storage capacity of most laptops with the limited size of iPad’s hard disk drive.


The latest iPad costs more than a laptop with more than twice its storage capacity, installed memory, and CPU speed. This trend in pricing will eventually come down as more and more tablet makers release better models to compete with the iPad. But the laptop will continue to exist for as long as it provides mobile user with a more cost effective alternative for their computing needs.

Author: Gerson G. Garra is a former system administrator who is experienced in designing, implementing, and maintaining computer systems. He currently works as a freelance consultant to small and medium tech companies.  If You Wish To Write Articles For Whitec0de Magazine, then Click Here.