5 Things I Don’t Like About BlackBerry Playbook

5 Things I Don't Like About BlackBerry Playbook

5 Things I Don't Like About BlackBerry Playbook

Launched on April 19th2011, RIM (Research In Motion)  is Still Struggling with Playbook’s certain significant Technical issues. Lets check what are those 5 Things Which I Don’t Like About BlackBerry Playbook Tablet. You Can Later check my Review on Microsoft Window 7.5 Mango Vs Google Android Vs Apple iOS 5.


Issues with Blackberry Playbook Email

Issues with Blackberry Playbook Email

It Lacks basics features like email, though they said that Playbook will get Email next month, but  to get BlackBerry email on your tablet you would be required to do some costly software upgrades.  This factor is not user friendly at all. Everyone want to be up-to-date with their email and Playbook misses it. Lack of native email and core PIM apps negatively impacts the overall user experience


Blackberry playbook problem with instant messenger

Blackberry playbook problem with instant messenger

One of the features for which Blackberry is recognized, ‘the BlackBerry Instant Messaging  service’, is still missing from the blackberry playbook. In the CES Las Vegas, The Company said that in the ‘New Costly upgrade’, Playbook may get BlackBerry Instant Messanging Service enabled.  He also added “the upgrade was unlikely to significantly improve sales of the tablet computer to businesses, a target market.”

In Simple words, the popular Blackberry instant messenger is still missing from playbook.



Synchronization in blackberry playbook

Synchronization in blackberry playbook

Many industry and financial analysts have said the features were absent because the company could not make the device work with its unique global data network. Playbooks will rely entirely on Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, but what to do with an synchronizer, which is not able to sync emails, contacts and other basic daily stuffs used by business people.



Blackberry Playbook Applications

Blackberry Playbook Applications in Appworld

The Official Market place of Blackberry Appworld holds nearly 450000 applications, which is quiet less when compared to Google Android market and iOS Store, which holds more than 600000 Apps. Moreover Too many accounts required to buy media content from pre-loaded apps, which you will find is not cool at all. 7Digital for Music, Kobo for Books — and no way to buy movies directly on the device. Needs a more unified content purchasing experience.


Blackberry Playbook Tablet Design

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Design

Imagine How many times a day you have to use Power button in a day to shutdown your tablet and to lock the screen (Playbook uses power button for screen lock). The most frustrating feature of all is the power button, which will be pain in your nail.

Playbook doesn’t support Simple USB mass storage. Which is quite depressing. Moreover The 7 Inch Screen makes harder for you to enjoy some activities.

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