5 Tips To Start A Blog Network

Tips for Starting a Blog Network

blog network
A blog networks refers to a group of bloggers who have common interest in a particular niche or topic. These groups are formed to encourage bloggers to support one another by:

  • Linking to each other.
  • Sharing information and interacting in a private forum.
  • Promoting each other’s blog posts.
  • Writing guest posts for each other’s blogs. This usually happens when a member is unable to write some reason.
  • Having an aggregated RSS feed which makes it easy for web users to subscribe to all the blogs.

Most blog networks have requirements that need to be fulfilled before a blog is allowed to join. Some even allow members to vote about the inclusion of other blogs. However, the rules and guidelines for joining might change as the networks grow.
The requirements for joining a blog network may include the following:

  • Blogs should be relevant to the niche of the network.
  • Members should post not less than thrice a week.
  • Blogs must have proper domain names. In addition, they should not be hosted on WordPress or Blogger.
  • Each blog must link to other blogs in the network

If you want to join a blog network, you have two options. First, you could find an existing network and join. Some of the most popular blog networks include b5media, Hubpages, Weblogs Inc., 451 Press, Today.com, Simply Good Media and Content Quake. Alternatively, you could consider starting your own blog network.

The following are some suggestions for launching your own blog network.

1. Invite other bloggers to join 

Get in touch with other bloggers in your niche and share with them your idea. Focus your attention on bloggers who are passionate about the subject. Ask them to make suggestions about the rules and guidelines. This will give them a sense of ownership. Visit their blogs and check the quality of their content and their frequency of posting.

2. Start with a few blogs

It is advisable to start with a few active and high quality blogs rather than many inactive and low quality blogs. At the onset, you could start with no more than ten blogs.

3. Set up a forum

A forum is great for encouraging interaction among members. Have a requirement that all members of the network should participate actively. You can use these forums to ask questions, promote other members’ posts and share knowledge.

4. Choose a memorable name

It is very important to choose a catchy name which is easy to remember. With a great name, you will be able to create a brand. Accompanying the name with a logo is advisable.

5. Handle it like a business

Though the people in the network are your friends, you need to remember that your network is a business. Therefore, any member who isn’t active or violates the network rules should be removed. In the long run, this will prove beneficial for your business.

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