50 Apps for Windows Smartphone

Apps For Windows

Apps for Windows Smartphone
Apps for Windows Smartphone

Today, everyone is enjoying Windows operating System in their mobile devices. So, it is necessary to know that what are the best and must have apps for windows smartphone and makes their device different from other.

Here, I am providing you the list of top 50 apps for your Windows phone . These apps are divided into categories:

  1. Entertainment apps
  2. Photo apps
  3. Tools and productivity apps
  4. Music and video apps
  5. Games
  6. Finance and business apps
  7. Social apps
  8. News apps
  9. Other apps

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Entertainment apps:


IMDb is the best windows app to get the information about the movies, TV shows and celebrities. you can watch your favorite trailers, browse photo galleries and lots of information using this app. With this app you can:

  • search over millions of movies, TV shows, celebrities, actors and many more.
  • watch movie trailer, view user reviews, critics reviews etc.
  • explore a popular chart of best movie, top rates movie, popular TV shows etc.

You can considered IMDb as best entertainment app for your Windows phone.

Size: 1MB


You can watch large number of TV episodes and movies on your phone with Netflix app. Netflix is the leading app that allows to watch any movies ot TV shows on your phone. With Netflix, you can:

  • enjoy movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere.
  • sign in for the membership of Netflix and instantly watch 1000 of episodes and movies on your phone.
  • browse the episodes and movies that are added regularly to the Netflix library.

Netflix membership is required because it allows you to access unlimited TV shows and movies at low monthly price .

Size: 1MB


BigFlix is just like theatre on your Windows Phone where you can watch all the blockbusters movies after downloading the app. This app provides you the movies in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu etc. you can choose your favorite movie and able to watch full movie and experiences theatre on your phone.

Size: 3MB


With TVCatchup, you can watch live television on your Windows phone. You can watch more than 50 live National television channels. With TVCatchup, you can:

  • create your own channel list. With this Channel list, you can directly watch the selected channel.
  • experience full television on your Windows phone.
  • contact with TVCatchup support which helps you in your problem.

Size: 3MB


Flixster is best movie app for windows smartphone to watch trailer. This app allows you to find showtimes and reviews by critics only on your Windows Phone. You can view the top leaders of Box office and find the details of upcoming movies. You can also watch movie the trailer of 15000 blockbusters. You can create a list of movies you want to see and there is option to rate the movie that you have already seen.

Size: 2MB


BookMyShow allows you to book tickets for any movie or event or any show on your Windows Phone. You can say that BookMyShow is ticketing Portal. With this app, you can:

  • search for any movie, play or event by speaking into your phone.
  • Automatically Save the information related to your booked ticket or transaction in Windows Phone wallet.
  • Get the updates of upcoming movie into your Lock Screen.
  • Make payment via Card or Net Banking. For this you have to log in via fConnect or BMS.

Size: 1MB

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Photo apps:

Fantasia Painter

Now you can paint your photo with amazing photo app “Fantasia Painter”. In Fantasia Painter, there are 32 brushes like Sketch, Fairy lights, Rainbow and many more. This app features:

  • Amazing effects like mold, dark dream, colorize and many more.
  • You can swap faces, change the body shape and many more things with this app.
  • This app is for everyone, kids, adults. Everyone enjoy this app.

Size: 16MB


Photofunia is another amazing and wonderful photo editing app by Digital Capsule. It is cloud based photo editing app. Photfunia is very simple any easy to use. You can capture photo and photofunia’s technology automatically detect the face. With this app:

  • You can add 300 interesting effects to make your pictures fantabulous.
  • All the photo editing is done in cloud.
  • To do photo editing with Photofunia app, you need WiFi or 3G connection.

Size: 5MB

Photo Editor By Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is very simplest and easiest photo editing app available on your Windows Phone. This app provides you lots of amazing effects and lots of other features like You can crop your photo, rotate it and do many more things with your photo. All tools are provided to you to edit your photo. It provides you very user friendly interface. Fun loving app.

Size: 3MB

Das Image

Das image allows you to search and explore the images from Bing, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram etc. you can select HD images from Bing. You can search any image from 15 lists with thousands of keywords like super models, celebrities, doctors, and many more. You can make your default setting strict for safe search. You can share your images with friends and save lots of images as wallpapers.

Size: 6MB

Creative Camera

Creative Camera is the best app on your Windows phone that includes Creative Camera, Effective editor and filtering editor. Creative camera gives you lots of amazing effects like Auto, daylight and many more. This app also features self timer of 0s to 20s. This app provides you flash and focus on your camera. Effective editor helps you to edit your picture and filtering editor helps you to edit your picture with more than 50 filters and effects.

Size: 7MB

Tools and productivity Windows apps:


Evernote is the best note keeping app on your Windows phone. You can keep notes of each and every moment happened in your life. You can sync all of your notes across the devices. The main feature of this application is that you can create and notes and automatically creates notebooks of your notes. You can search for any text inside images. You can share your notes with your friends and business colleagues via social networks. We can consider Evernote as the best business app.

PC remote

Now you can enjoy all your contents of PC on your Windows phone with PC remote application. You can connect your mobile to PC perfectly with this app. PC remote features you to control the keyboard and mouse with your fingers i.e. right click, drag and drop finger gestures etc. it supports full keyboard on your device including control, shift, tab key and many more. You can search YouTube videos and play them on your PC in just one tap. It provides you password protection and encrypted data transfer.

Size: 4MB


CamScanner is the application that allows you to turn your Windows phone into scanner. CamScanner manages all your documents on your device. If you want to scan, edit or share your document on other devices then this app is best for you. The main features allowed by this app are:

  • It can scan all document and has capacity to auto detect the scanned images. It converts any of your document into PDF very quickly.
  • You can edit and add text, search any document and manage them.
  • You can save your document and share it via email and upload document on sky drive

Size: 8MB

Scan QR and BarCode Reader Windows App

Scan is the user friendly application on your window phone that allows you to scan QR code and Barcode. You have to open the app and put the camera of your device in front of code and scan will detect that code. You can detect all types of Barcode with the Scan. This means you will know the prices, reviews and more details about any product scanned by you.

Size: 1MB

Jack of tools

You can convert your phone into virtual tool belt through jack of tools. Jack of Tools consists of compass, virtual level, earthly coordinates, your altitude, sound metre etc. Jack of tools allows you to control the sampling if you want to adjust accuracy vs responsiveness. From this app you know where you are and how high are you.

Size: 3MB

PDF reader

PDF reader allows you to view and interact with your PDF document on your Windows phone. You can access large number of PDF file types with this application. You can open PDF file with ease. You are able to Zoom in on text or images. You can also search for text to find specific information.

Size: 4MB

Adobe reader

Now you can view and connect with PDF document on your Windows phone with Adobe reader. This is free mobile app that allows you to access and view different PDF documents this app features the document sharing with Acrobat.com file sharing. The changes made in any document will automatically save to the cloud. This app is available in 16 languages. You can also view or open any PDF document from SD card or Phone’s internal memory. You can share you files or documents with your own PCs.

Size: 3MB

Splashtop personal

Splashtop personal allows to remote access to your PC or Mac from your Windows phone. This is the only application that is capable of delivering you full audio and HD video streaming. It gives you high performance Remote access. To access this app you have to download spashtop personal on your windows phone and splashtop streamer on your PC or Mac so that you can access all the apps, games and other multimedia content from your Windows phone. You can access upto 5 computers.

Size: 2MB

Music and Video Apps:

Ringtone Pro

Ringtone Pro allows you to download the ringtones on your Windows phone. With this app, you can:

  • Listen and download the ringtones for free.
  • Search for different types of ringtones like classical, HipHop and many more.
  • Set these downloaded ringtones as ringtones of your Windows phone.

Size: 2MB

Free YouTube Downloader

If you want to download YouTube videos quickly then the best app available on the store of your Windows Phone and the app is Free YouTube downloader. You can download any video on your device. The speed of downloading is very fast. You have to login first and then enjoy the app by downloading the videos.

Size: 2MB

Tuneln Radio

Tunnel Radio allows you to listen the news, music, sports or the news of any event through live local or global radio. Whatever music, news you want to listen, you can listen it on Tuneln Radio. There are 100,000 stations and 2 million on demand streams offered by Tuneln Radio. To enjoy Tuneln Radio on your device, you required internet connection.

Size: 5MB


You can identify any music playing around you with Shazam app. What you have to do is just tap on shazam button and explore the music of your choice. You can do unlimited tag and also view the recent tags. After tagging, you can buy tracks from Xbox Music, watch videos on YouTube , discover new music. You can also share your tags via social networks like twitter, Facebook etc. you can also set any track as your Lock Screen background.

Size: 4MB

Podcast Lounge

Podcast Lounge allows you to access audio and video podcast from all over the world. It provides user friendly interface to you. The videos and audios can be accessed through the library which contains 90000 podcasts. You are able to search, view and download large number of podcasts. You can upload your favorite podcast to SkyDrive or gPodder. It can auto delete the podcasts and play the podcasts continuously.

Size: 7MB

Music Player:

Now you can download and enjoy any music on your Windows phone with Music Player app. This app is very Simple and easy to use. To enjoy the music, download Music Player on your Windows device and search your favorite music and download it. You can search music by song, albums and artists and you are also able to record your voice.

Size: 2MB

YouTube HD

YouTube HD allows you to watch and download videos in HQ and HD to your Windows phone. With downloading and watching you can also upload the videos to YouTube. You can search and browse your favorite video from YouTube video catalog. You can share these videos with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email. The three video qualities offered by this app are LQ, HQ and HD.

Size: 4MB

Gaming Apps For Windows Smartphone:

Wordament App

Wordament is the addictive game and it is a word tournament. You can compete with thousands of players at a single time. In this game player compete with everyone on the same scoreboard. The ranking on the Scoreboard is based on the finding of most words possible, find the longest word or you can beat the top scorer on the leaderboard. Wordament tracks your progress like your best word found, total score and many more.

Size: 6MB

Flow Free

Flow free is another addictive game. This is puzzle game where you can connect color matching with pipe. This connection creates a flow. You have to cover the complete board and in this way puzzle is solved. The best thing in this game is that it provides you lots of levels. It gives you amazing sound effects and beautiful colored environment. The level packs in this game are classic, bonus, Mania, Jumbo and many more. You can also play in time trial mode.

Size: 1MB

Asphalt8: Airborne

Asphalt8: Airborne is one of the best and addictive arcade racing game application in asphalt series. This game gives you wonderful graphics. You can enjoy 47 high performances and top licensed manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. it supports good quality of licensed music. It provides you simultaneous multiplayer action. You can race in new locations like Venice, Geuana and the Navada Desert. You can race in different modes and this game provides you 180 levels in career mode.

Size: 820MB

iStunt 2

iStunt 2 is one of the best snowboard game on your Windows phone. To make your survival in this game, you will have to perform futile stunts and do absurd jumps. This game creates such environment where gravity laws have been broken. This game also features a wonderful graphics. Apply some physics and enjoy the game. This game creates addiction in you. It features leaderboards and there are lots of achievements in this game.

Size: 18MB

Cut the rope

Cut the rope is amazing mind game where you have feed candy to little monster. In this game there is one cute and lovable monster and he requests for only one thing i.e. Candy. This game is surely an addictive game where you have to apply some physics and cross the tricky levels. It provides you colorful high definition visuals.

Size: 37MB

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Finance and Business Windows apps:

My expenses

My expenses is one of the best and free personal finance app on your windows phone. This application allows you to manage your expenses. You can create name of transaction, amount, date and personal expenses account. You can view and add your income. You can add or update or delete accounts. You can keep backup of your data. You can upload data as excel file to dropbox. You can add reminders and notes and can mail your income records, your current weekly, monthly and daily income records.

Size: 3MB

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is another best personal finance app which allows you to keep record of your personal financial matters. You can easily save money and track expenses. You can enter expenses in any currency. This app allows you to plan your expenses and bills in advance. This application manages your finance and automatically keeps backup of your data and save it. Toshl Finance anticipates your Finance with infographics. This application keeps security of your data.


Box is free business available on your Windows phone that allows you to access and edit your files and always connect with your colleagues or your business team. With this app you can share you file with your colleagues. You can share your documents from anywhere on any device. It provides secure sharing and more than 150,000 companies have trust on box. You can save your large amount of time with this application as it is easy to use and provides you 5GB of free storage.

Size: 9MB

Size: 4MB

Social apps:


If you want to make video calls, voice calls and instant messages to your relatives and friends then Skype is best app. You can make free call to your friend anywhere in the world. You can also call on mobile phones and landline at very low cost. You can make free video call with high definition video. You can also send instant messages on Skype and also send messages to those friends who are on messenger by signing in with your Microsoft account.

Size: 10MB


This is an unofficial client for omegle where you can make new friends. You can chat with strangers. The thing that makes this app best is that there is no need to reveal your personal details and you can disconnect chat whenever you like. Its your choice to reveal your personal details or not. This app provides you two modes: Country chat and Chat rooms. You can share your chat via Facebook and Twitter.

Size: 6MB


Twitter is the social app where you can get real time stories, pictures, videos and many more things all in your timeline. You can follow lots of people. You can get the notifications of your favorite account tweets, you can share your ideas, comment and photos and also you are able to compose tweets.

Size: 4MB


Now you can access your professional network LinkedIn on your windows phone. You can connect with more than 259 million people worldwide. You can get updates of jobs, read the news of industry and you can also share your idea with your connections. The main feature provided by this app is you can save and view the recommended jobs and you can also follow the companies of your interest. You can also see who views your profile.

Size: 1MB


6Tag is the application of Instagram on your Windows Phone. It is full recommended Instagram app. With this app you can upload picture and videos on Instagram. You can tag your friends and do many more interesting thing with this application. You can edit your photos with custom built filter effects. You can upload unlimited pictures on Instagram and share your photos and videos via Facebook, twitter etc.

Size: 8MB

Windows Smartphone News applications

The Hindu

The Hindu is one of the best newspaper in India. You can enjoy this newspaper on your Windows Phone. You can get all the latest news happened. You can share article via social networks. You can auto read articles and it provides you lots of sections like where you can select number of articles that are loaded per section in the settings. You can change the settings and select the city name of your choice.

Size: 1MB


To get the latest weather news, Accuweather is the best app available on your windows phone that delivers you the latest news about weather that includes current forecasts and severe weather alerts. It gives you accurate local forecasts for nearly 3 million global location in 27 languages. It gives you summary of local forecast and give you all the details about weather of next 3-5 days of your location.

Size: 8MB

Bing news

You can stay updated with all the latest news with Bing news app. This is the most amazing and photo rich app on your windows device. It provides you different news sources and you can select your favorite news source. You can read the details of your favorite topics and also read the headlines.

Size: 5MB


Newshunt is another newspaper app on your Windows phone that offers you all the latest news and brings a collection of news from 85+ regional newspapers. It supports 11 Indian languages like hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and many more. You can also read the local news of 600 Indian states and cities. This app offers you live cricket scores and horoscope.

Size: 3Mb


NDTV is also biggest news app that offers you the latest and breaking news via stories, pictures and videos. You can watch live video streams directly from the studios and these videos are from leading channels like NDTV 24×7, NDTV India etc. you can get all the news related to business, entertainment and many more.

Size: 2MB

Other apps:


Wikipedia is free and amazing app on your windows phone. Complete Wikipedia is available on you device. You can access any article with ease and quickly. You can search any article in 100 languages. You can also share articles via Facebook, twitter, by email or by generating QR code. You can save your favorite articles and can also view saved articles in offline mode.

Size: 2MB


Waze is mapping and navigation app that allows you to get the information about the real time traffic and road. You can get the road alerts on your route and actively report accidents, police that you see on the road. Just open the app while driving and get all the information. It also finds the cheapest gas station near your surroundings. You can meet and coordinate with your friends.

Size:27 MB

Amazon kindle

If you want to enjoy reading on your Windows phone then amazon kindle is best app. This app puts over a million of ebooks. You can choose your favorite books from millions of kindle books which includes new releases from authors. You can buy your favorite book once and you can read it anywhere and anytime on your device.

Size: 3MB


Now you can plan your trip with perfect app called TripAdvisor. Tripadvisor lets you know the best places where you can make your trip and enjoy this trip. Whatever your travelling place is, the TripAdvisor helps you to find the comfortable place to eat, sleep and enjoy.

Size: 2MB


GetThemAll is YouTube downloader where you can download any YouTube video in all formats like HD video, WebM, FVV and MP4. You can pause and resume downloading and manages all your downloads in file manager. You can upload the downloaded files to your PC and also upload files to SkyDrive.

Size: 1MB

[+] LockScreen style

[+]LockScreen style is a tool that allows you to make you wallpaper beautiful. You can combine photos using 12 designed templates. You can make thousands of combinations and make your own picture by drawing it. You can control the whole app with your fingers. You can make embedded background pictures that help you yo get dtarted easily.

Size: 4MB

Author: Kriti Jain