Adobe PS Beta CS6: How To Start Getting The Most Out Of It

On March 21, 2012 the first beta of Photoshop CS 6 was released to the public and now it is available for both Mac Users and PC Users. In today’s world Photoshop can be considered as one of the most versatile graphic software used by forensic scientists, photographers and graphic designers.

About Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is much better as compared to that of Adobe Photoshop CS5 in every aspect. It consists of a cleaner, video editing capabilities, a compact and organized interface etc. It can be downloaded both in English language and in Japanese language from the official site of Adobe at free of cost.

Important Tips and Tricks to Follow

Here are some of the important tips and tricks which should be followed by the User for the proper functioning of the Adobe Photoshop Beta CS6:

1. Expand Selection When Using Content Aware Move

This completely new tool is quite fascinating which allows the user to place the object in different location in the photo. One tip for better results is that it is recommended that the User should use the Strict or Very Strict settings when the object edges are blurred off.

2. To Brighten up the Shadow

It enables the user to bring out a dark subject without blowing out. It works extremely well if the User has imported a raw camera file. Nevertheless it can also be used on JPG extensions. One thing should be kept in mind that while using the feature, is that moving the slider to the left darkens the image while moving the slider in the right direction brightens them up.

3. By passing the Camera Raw

If the user thinks that his or her photo is in good shape then they can open it directly in the Photoshop without going through the intermediate step of Camera Dialog Raw.

4. Creating a Tilting or a Bokeh effect

The new blur gallery of the beta version gives its users the popular effects. If the User wants to give all the attention of the viewer to one spot of the image then from the Filter Menu click on Blur followed by Irish Blur. This will lead to open a gallery of blur where we can define a particular area. To add glare spots one can use “light bokeh”.

5. Photos Automatically Straighten

Unlike the earlier version of Photoshop this time the new Photoshop has a completely re-defined crop tool. For example unlike the earlier one this time the whole photo is selected during the time of cropping and during cropping the centre of the image is maintained. Moreover this time by simply drawing a line across the horizon a cropped image would be straightened.

6. Fixing Perspective in a Wide Angle Slots

A new tool named Adaptive Wide Angle tool has been installed in the CS6. It can be found in the filter’s menu. With this tool it is possible to fix a photo’s geometry. With this tool it is even possible to straighten a curved edge by simply drawing a line on it.

7. Changing an aspect in character style

It is now possible to change only one aspect rather changing every aspect in the character style. To do so the user need to follow the following steps:

On the Menu icon click on Character Styles pane situated on extreme right and choose New Character Style after that click on Viola and a new Character Style will be assigned.

8. Adding Dashed and Dotted Line

By clicking the new drop down to the right of the point size in the top option bar while the shape tool is active the user will be able to new dotted and dashed lines around the image object. From the various options available the User can choose solid, dotted or dashed style.

9. Searching for a layer

Unlike the name suggest the option is not available in the layer menu. Instead it is found in the Select Menu. From the Select Menu the User have to choose Find Layer. Choosing it adds a search box to Layer panel where he or she can have the access to type a layer name to filter the panel’s view.

10. Setting the panel to Auto-Hide

It is the new interface in the beta version of CS6. It is compact and less clustered, but this one Preferences option can save lots of clicks.

These are some of the best ten tips which should be used for the betterment of this new Photoshop.

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