• Anonymous******

    This is Anonymous speaking… This email above has been hijacked, on the contrary, we have seen an heard whereabouts on the arrests of Jake Davis aka “Topiary”, form the Shetland Islands. This is about the current elite leader(1337) of several hactivists groups, in correlation with anonymous, lulzsec, warez, an etc. He is known as Louis James Conner, raised in iberia missouri, an current member of military.. He has asked for this to be leaked to the general public, as for he has whereabouts on other leaders such as Sabu, info on how to find him, as well as foreign hactivists groups, their plans an defences to stop them. He is the pure case of the antisocial genius, who has set back for quite some time, masterminded plans on attacks on several corporations an sites, such as sony, paypal, an etc… He is a former an current bbs distributor, an is capable of bringing an entire city to its knees, single handedly.. He is well fit for a sneaker, which can correlate in well planned out attacks on the rise, an full analytical ways of stopping them… His pseudomy of course will not be leaked for the fact he wont be traced, but question him an you will see for yourself not just the cyber crimes in which he masterminded singlehandedly, but just how much this guy could show flaws in your systems an ways of stopping it. -Anonymous(ops).