All About RAT- Remote Administrative Tool

All About RAT- Remote Administrative Tool
All About RAT- Remote Administrative Tool

Imagine a situation where your every online activity, your online chats, your passwords, the websites you visit, the files you download, the “secret” files in your hidden folder is spied upon by someone without you ever knowing a thing of it.
Scary thought isn’t it? In worst case scenario, a pervert sitting miles away in front of a computer is secretly streaming live videos from your sister’s /wife’s/girlfriend’s webcam, even listening to the microphone. This mere thought is enough to send chill down the spine of many.
Sadly such kinds of cybercrimes are happening at a rate, much faster than you can imagine. With a help of freely/cheap available softwares, even an average 12 year old can achieve that. All one need is an internet connection.

All About RAT- Remote Administrative Tool:

No, I am not talking about the rodent here. RAT or Remote Access Tool/Trojan are kind of remote monitoring sofwares. RAT consist of two parts,
1. Client.
2. Server.
Client is the main module that is installed on the attacker’s PC and the server is a tiny file (usually in kBs) which the attacker distributes to his would be victims. Once successfully installed in victims’ PC, the attacker gains total control over the computer.

General RAT features:

• Screen/Desktop capture or image control
• Webcam capture
• File management (download/upload/execute/etc)
• Shell control
• Computer control (power off/power on/log off/etc)
• Registry management (query/add/delete/modify)
• Record victims Keystrokes (Keylogger)
• DDoS

Other Fun Functions:

Remote Administration Tools come with a wide variety of handy tools and features. Here are some fun things you can perform with most common RAT’s:

• Block mouse and keyboard
• Change your desktop wallpaper
• Download, upload, delete, and rename files
• Drop viruses and worms
• Edit Registry
• Format drives
• Grab passwords, credit card numbers
• Hijack homepage
• Hide desktop icons, taskbar and files
• Log keystrokes, keystroke capture software
• Open/Close CD-ROM tray
• Overload the RAM/ROM drive
• Print text
• Play sounds
• Randomly move and click mouse
• Record sound with a connected microphone
• Record video with a connected webcam
• Shut-down, Restart, Log-Off, Shutdown monitor
• Steal Passwords
• View screen
• View, kill, and start tasks in task manager
And lots more.

Three most popular RAT

1. Blackshades (Paid)
2. DarkComet (Free)
3. CyberGate(Paid/Trail)

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