All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing
All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a service that is available rather than a product that you can buy. Cloud computing provide the user with data access, data management, software applications,computation, and storage resources without the user having to know the organizational structures needed. There are several available vendors that you can use when looking for a cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud Computing And Its Benefits On Business

First question that the client need to ask themselves, is cloud computing what there business would benefit from. If you are a small to medium size business that does not have or plan to have an IT department then outsourcing some of your IT needs make a lot of sense. Cloud computing also has many software benefits also. If you are needing to buy software for your business through cloud computing you can purchase only the software that you need and not the amount that you have to buy. Read My previous article on Google Cloud Services: How To Use Google Products To Boost Up Your Business.

Cloud Computing Services

There are three services available through cloud computing.
Infrastructure-as-a-service This is called “Utility Computing” this is where the vendor supplies the network and the services and the client pays for what they use.
Platform-as-a-service The vendor supplies to the client all the operating systems and databases to run a platform
Software-as-a-service The vendor will run the software applications for the client. The vendor will pay the software licensing fees.

Searching For Good Cloud Computing Services

Once you have determined the type of service that you will need you will need to determine how much computing power you will actually need for your business. They estimate that less than 12% utilize all there computer resources.

After you have determined the type of service that you need and the amount of power that is needed, you will need to choose a vendor. There is an abundance of cloud computing services out there, you need to ask yourself if the company has the product that you need, is the company established and with a good client record and will they be able to meet your goals in the timetable that you have established.

Gather a list of providers that you feel could meet your needs, then do your research. Search there names on the web, search magazines and other news sources. If you are not able to find them or do not have the best reviews go on to the next. You also have the option to hire an IT research firm or get referrals from other business.

Things To Remember While Choosing Cloud Service

Other things to consider when choosing a cloud computing service are availability, security, and the performance of the service. Is the service going to be available when you need it, what are the security measures that they take to protect your information, and what is there performance records.

When all consideration have been made the client needs to go with the services and the provider that they feel most comfortable with. The client need to make sure that they ask a lot of questions and get the answers that they are happy with. Making the right choice when choosing a cloud computing service makes the rest of your business flow more efficiently.

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  • Been hearing a lot about cloud computing lately – sounds like it’s definitely going to be something to learn more about in the future

    • Indeed.
      Moreover the day is not too far when every person would be using Cloud Computing.

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