All You Need To Know About Yahoo Booters

Yahoo Booters
Yahoo Booters

Yahoo Booters

Yahoo Booters are programs consisting of laggs, boots and macros. It use packet coding to send the victim`s computer using yahoo messenger, these pack codes contain some information and codes that computer cannot understand, so computer gets hanged or slowed down by processing these packets.

The boot (aka boot string, aka boot code) is a string that confuses yahoo messenger. It does so by underlining www.’s, using smileys, using sounds, etc.  It let the user to exploit them and cause messenger to error or freeze. Some of the Boot codes look like “<snd=<snd><snd> <snd><snd>”. These codes exploit yahoo’s built in sounds, <snd=yahoo>, <snd=pow>, etc.

Yahoo Booters also uses Lagg. A lagg is a code sent into chat that slows down the victim’s computer. Sometimes it even hangs the PC. Most of these codes consist of smileys and sounds. Another thing used in a Yahoo Boot program is Macro. A macro is just a picture made out of text. It confuses the system and it freeze after sometime.

If the client happens to be using a good connection nice and fast and is able to take from the buffer faster than the person can upload it to fill the buffer the client will not be booted, it takes roughly 130k of data to fill that buffer so if a person can only upload at 10k/s but the person being attack can download at 20k/s that person will not be booted.

Sometimes it is seen that when you try to boot someone, you also get booted because the program’s antiboot system isn’t compatible with your version of yahoo messenger. An antiboot is a program which stops your chat window from reading the boot code and being affected by it. Even though the chat dialog is closed yahoo still accepts the text code you have sent. To avoid it we use Protocol Booter. It is described below.

A Protocol Booter and PM Bomber are also involved in Yahoo Booters.

Protocol Booter: A protocol Booter is a program that logs into yahoo’s servers with your credentials and allows you to send the booters through the program and not using messenger, and this increases your chances of not getting booted yourself.

Author: Naveen Thakur

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