Alternative to Stackoverflow or your own stackoverflow clone

stackoverflow clone

Like everyone else, I have been wondering too if there is any clone which does exactly the same as Stackoverflow and perhaps has a different user interface.

I am a Zend Framework developer and I came across this script. I purchased it and downloaded it.

I installed it and here is my review.

Cons : User interface is not as flexible as I would expect it to be, considering that you pay 40$ to 90$ (depending on where you are buying it from)

Pros : Too many to list!

Admin gives you access to change – anything and …. everything! It’s a cake walk!

This is where you can download your alternative to stackoverflow or your own stackoverflow clone .

To start a community:

Purchase the source code from that link.

Go to DigitalOcean and buy a droplet, my preferred location is NY2 or AMS1. Use promo code (Google for them), you will find a promo that gives you 5$ to 15$, use it.

Load your CMS.

Hire a developer – from anywhere really! Or just contact me ;) or if you are working on a deadline contact the experts at who actually built this software.

Start your own community!


Find investors to advertise and thank me later :)