An Exclusive Interview With Anonymous India On #OpIndia

Exclusive Interview With Anonymous India

 Interview With Anonymous India

After Reliance blocked most of the torrent and file sharing websites, Anonymous started their attack on reliance ISP and authorities responsible for it. Few days back they also released their Press Release Regarding their movement on 9th June. Below is an interview with Anonymous India about their protest against the censorship of internet.


Whitec0de: How many people are there in your core team?

Anon: Well there are 15 people initially in #opindia.


Whitec0de: On what issues anonymous started this movement in India??

Anon: it was because of the court order blocking the file sharing sites in India. That’s what started it. Someone came to us with info that court has passed some order. We looked for proofs and found that its actually true, hence #opindia was born and the very next day and were taken down.


Whitec0de: Why Are You Targeting Reliance?

Anon: Because it is because of them that the court order was obtained, and also cause of the illegal blocking they are doing and the blocking of the protest pages of Air India staff.


Whitec0de: What are your primary targets rit now?

Anon: Primary targets are govt. websites, reliance, and we are currently looking for proofs against other ISPs too.


Whitec0de: What will happen on 9th June? We heard that you will deface websites to connect people to your movement.

Anon: We will only deface educational sites to wake up young guns of India. And our defacement can be easily taken down if the site admin knows anything. We never do permanent damage to any of the files on their server And on 9th June there will be a peaceful protest by the citizens of India. We are just providing India an idea that can bring revolution.


Whitec0de: Why 9th June? Does it have some importance or just like that?

Anon: Lots of anonymous movements are happening on the same day :P also its a Saturday people will be free :D


Whitec0de: Will your movement be something like #OccupyWallStreet ?

Anon: Well it’s not like that but if needed then yes.


Whitec0de: How is this movement different from the previous #Opindia operation? are the members same from the previous Operation?

Anon: We don’t know about previous #opindia. Some Bangladeshi hackers used #opindia name to hack Indian army websites and other websites in India. Well they got a warning message from Anonymous too for ruining the name #opindia. We respect the defense of a nation. We never hack army websites.


Whitec0de: How are you gonna make this Protest successful?

Anon: The protest is just an awakening protest for others who are not aware about it yet. Making it successful is in the hands of people only. We are here just for giving ideas to them.


Whitec0de: What Kind Of Response Are You Getting From People?

Anon: Response of the people is good. It’s amazing to see citizens of india aware of what is happening around.


Whitec0de:  Will we see Anonymous India protesting against corruption too?

Anon: Right now important issues for us worldwide are censorship and corruption.  So yes, very soon you will defiantly see us fighting against corruption too.


Whitec0de: So what’s your age group? I mean age group of all the Anons? Many people ask whether you guys are students or professionals.

Anon: We consist of professional and students both. There might be people from 20’s. From 30’s. From 40’s too.. Can’t really say coz we actually don’t know as we are anonymous to each other too.


Whitec0de: So anything special happened with you in this movement? Something you would like to share with people of india?

Anon: Every day is special for me. As i see fellow anons working so hard to gather information by means of hacking.


Whitec0de: Have You Been Contacted By Any Security Agency?

Anon: Well CERT keeps telling newspapers about the cyber hacks and stuff and lately they have been in news telling agencies about DDoS attacks. Well they can’t keep themselves secure from DDoS attacks then how can they tell others. Well the fun part is when people from CERT give us response and we take them down again and again for our “lulzz”

Its surely one of the slowest response team we have ever encountered :P


Whitec0de: What’s your word for the citizens of India?

Anon: Rise india, Your internet freedom is at stake. Take stand for what is right. It’s now or never.  Only when we let our voices be heard will the oppressors listen, only when we go out on the streets will they know, only if we are determined will they change!!


Whitec0de: What’s your Message to the Government Of India?

Anon: “GOI, we just want you to stay off the internet because it belongs to the people. It is the last medium left for a common man to express the truth. Stay off or expect us!”


Whitec0de: Final Words, Say whatever you want to say :)

Anon: The media is not picking up on the bit about reliance blocking air india protest pages and also that they blocked of all results to Mr.Satish Seth just to save their own asses !! Also how the blocks they are doing of file sharing sites is ILLEGAL!!

This shows that silent censorship of our internet has already begun and we cannot let them believe that they can blindfold us and we will accept this  … It’s time to show we more than dumb puppets that they believe we are, we should show out to them that we are ones who put them up there and we will bring them down quicker then they went up!!

Also to reliance that said this …
Reliance Communications said on Monday it had thoroughly investigated the matter and all its servers and websites are intact. “We have required preventive measures and strongest possible IT security layers in place to tackle any unwarranted intrusions,” the company said in a statement. “Despite repeated attempts by hackers, our servers could not be hacked.”

A direct reply:

Bitch Please meme

:D :D ….and tell them that deleting the new user I made and changing the admin password is not called securing :D !!

“We are Anonymous. 

We are Legion. 

We do not forgive.

We do not forget. 

Expect us.”

  • Anon

    So well you have taken the decision,well ok!!
    India will be facing us,till now defaced two sites and will soon many,if you arrest one,two will stand,remember.
    We are One and divide it by zero !!
    We are anonymous,
    we are legion,
    we never forget,we never forgive,
    Expect us!!

  • hmm

    what abt pak blocking twitter!

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