An Open Letter To Bloggers, Journalists From Anonymous India

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Here is an Open Letter from Anonymous to Journalists, Reporters and Bloggers of India and the World regarding their movement in India.
Journalists of the World, 
You were intrigued by us when we took on the financial sector by attacking 
Visa, Mastercard and Paypal as part of Operation Payback. Many of you 
became enamoured with us during various operations and applauded our 
efforts. Some of you are now paying close attention to Operation India. 
We know that we have gained support from even a few of you. Those few 
are hoping against hope that our unconventional methods will continue to 
have an effect on people, perhaps even the world. Those few admire us, if for 
no other reason than the fact that, in a world full of apathy, a world filled 
with people who don’t even bother to read the information you painstakingly 
present, we are trying to do something. This intrigues you. At the very least, 
it inspires you to keep an eye on us, hoping we continue to take newsworthy 
You know that, whether you are risking your own safety – perhaps even your 
own life – to share the truth, or whether you are beholden to your dictators or 
your advertisers, unable to write anything they do not approve, we, 
Anonymous, are on your side and are fighting for you and your freedoms. 
You, the journalists, reporters, and bloggers. You, the newspapers, television 
networks and websites who hunt down and disseminate information. We are 
fighting for you. 
Some of you have recorded milestones of our efforts. Some of you have 
reported upon them, and some of you have even participated in our fight. 
You are the press, and you have our gratitude. 

We need your help now. From various parts of India, people are rising up
and taking serious efforts to demand nothing more than basic rights, an end
to the corruption, and a fair chance. Our demands are simple. We want
Freedom of Speech and Expression over the Internet. What the large number
of people of India is unaware of, and the media largely ignores, is the fact
that the people in India are protesting against Internet Censorship.

Here is where we need your help. We ask you, the journalists, to bring to the
rest of the world the humanity of our revolutions. What we are witnessing are
extremist acts of censorship that are committed by misled, ignorant people in
power. The world needs human news. The world needs to know who it is that
needs their support. We don’t want India to become like China over Internet
Censorship. Indian Government is on their way of making the Great Indian
Firewall to monitor and censor various websites. A censor free internet also
allows bloggers to broadcast their view on any topic.

What we ask is simple. There are people protesting in Mumbai, Delhi,
Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and many other cities at this very moment
against Internet Censorship. There is a nation wide peaceful protest in many
cities on Saturday, June 9 2012. Tell us and the nation who they are and what
it is they want for their country and their people, for now and in the future.
So many voices are raised in protest right now and all the world can hear is
the noise. Tell us what the people are saying. Some of you will ignore this
message. It announces no new operations, as we are still focusing our efforts
on Operation India. This message issues no threats, as you are the press and
are always safe from us. If you heed our request, however, it could make all
the difference in the world, as it made a difference for the Tunisians to know
that they were speaking and the world was hearing their message. Help us do
this for India and for the netizens.


We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive the denial of basic human rights.
We do not forget those who assist the oppressed.
To the tyrannical government of India … Expect us.

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