Anonymous India Press Release: Revenge Starts On 9th June

Here is the Press Release Of Anonymous India. This Press Conf was held on their IRC channel. Some shocking facts have been revealed in this Press Release. Yesterday on 25th may, they attacked the Relience ISP and Hacked their server. Read About It Here.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the first full fledged virtual Press conference we are doing As part of #OpIndia and #Anonmous Collective for Indian Media . I apologize for the low speed in which we are communicating, please bear with us. Nearly one week ago the ISP’s of india began blocking sites of different kind, from public access using varied methods. We as the anonymous collective decided to protest to this action in our own way. As part of this we entered an ISP’s server and extracted the complete list of blocked sites , But what we found was shocking . While the blocked sited are very less to the public knowledge and the governments acceptance , We found huge number of other sites and url’s blocked as all this happened in the privacy of the ISP’s Servers very few knew about this . Or would have known about this. If it was not for the anonymous hackers who got it for the general public. The target ISP was Reliance. And we got the entire list of the blocked sites from them. And guess what it contained. It contained the list of all Government blocked sites. but it contained more too, It contained sites and URL that neither the public not the Government has even heard of. Example is : links linking to search results and blogs on SATISH SETH , who was an executive in reliance, for some reason reliance had to block him [ Of course for PROFIT REASONS] So as where does this get us at. In india as far as common man is concerned only DOT can block a site. But powers like reliance keep doing it. There is no one to check maybe, Or maybe government has something to do with this (wait before you deny). But then as soon as we released the leaks MEDIA DID NOT cover it for obvious reasons. Yes we respect you all , but at times your powerlessness is mostly induced by your own silence. So this gave reliance a chance to remove all the bad smudges and look good suddenly . Any one noticed how sites were coming back up again. yes they did and as soon as it began to die out, they started blocking it again:, but they were idiots to think that we had stopped watching them. We went in again and came out with the latest list , but again here came the biggest kick: Has anyone of you heard of any court order or DOT order blocking the Facebook pages of the Protesting AirIndia Staff. NO you may not have even dreamed about it . yes we found a huge set of URL belonging to persons and Pages in FB that belonged to the Pro Protesters In Indian Airlines And hence we release this leaked list to you===> ,, . This is the list of blocked sites that we leaked from the Reliance servers. For those who want a download version –> ,

There it is Few days ago we had broken into the BIGCinemas website and announced the hack to all , But again the media chose to eat up the news , But the only people who suffered due to this is the customers and common people . Paid media saved thousands from protected advertiser, and the Advertiser made huge from running the site , but here people were left in the dark on how badly the companies handle their privacy and secret data. What if we had taken the credit card details and made it public from the site, But we are nothing compared to the hackers who may have already hacked and used the CrediCard data. So was the public suppose to be unaware of such a risk and continue to provide prfit for a company . if the money so important that peoples safety and protection . Very bad idea , very bad idea . This file contains the data we leaked from BigCinemas : IT CONTAINS NO CREDIT CARD DETAILS – WE WILL NOT HURT THE PEOPLE : we are doing all this for them . The company did not even try to correct the error and continued to run the server as it is, Why should Reliance care if people lost some money thru bad hackers. Why? I am concluding by giving you the final link as to the first file we leaked from Reliance . The first list that was taken.

=====HACK BY ====> IsaC ==> #AnonymousINDIA #OpIndia ==============================


Final note: We kindly request not to let this news in anyway stay away from people, because if you do, we will be using our own means as to convey the message to everyone. And with that we will be forced to relate tot hem how un-potential the media has become. We Are starting our nation wide active protest this coming June 9th . Every body who want to make a change to this bad times . GET A MASK . Join the protest . We are the 99% * . We cant be taken down without a fight . We shall not disappear Into the night. We are anonymous . We are a legion . We do not forgive. We do not forget . EXPECT US .

PS : We are a collective, tho each of us may speak for it at our will we are not the leaders or the ones who handle it. No single one has credit on anything, We are all spokespersons of the truth. Do not quote us as our individual selves. We are called Anonymous and so be it. :D . We will be killing the un mute in 10 secs, anons please help them clear their questions but do not confuse or troll any. Love you all .