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Get Ready For Android Smartwatch

Google has done it again. The search giant has entered an all new market of hi-tech watches. Google has created a special operating system for smartwatches. The new android smartwatch will be released by the end of 2014. Watch the Official Video by Google of Introducing Android Wear Developer Preview: Google Operating system, Android, currently powers […]

How To Increase Battery Life of Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 is indeed most popular windows phone available in the market, and there is a reason for that. It is loaded with high quality features and yet it is very much affordable.  However, with all these features, comes some drawbacks. If you use the device to the max, you are not supposed to […]

Why Is iOS 7.1 Update Is Not Good For Apple?

iOS 7.1 Update Issues iOS 7.1 update solves motion sickness issues in the Apple Devices, but the new update also comes with some unwanted issues. The iOS 7.1 Update has battery life issue, it has also Wi-Fi issues for some devices and issues with new siri voice for British users. Also Read: Huawei Dual-OS Smartphone Loaded […]