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Best Free classified ads website for India – Olx

  One of the lifehacks by Whitec0de is to market your product online for free! For start ups, things can get a bit tight with their pockets limited inevitably the need of advertising makes you put a hole in it! Been there! Luckily! we now have Olx, a free classified ads website, where can market […]

How to improve your overall personality?

So, the question is, How to improve your overall personality? Practically speaking, it goes without saying that enrolling for the right public speaking courses definitely has an impact on your overall personality. How many of us are able to recall as to when they spoke confidently amidst a crowd? I am sure, very few. There […]

Commentary and Rebuttal

After my last edit “Watchdogs Or Gossip Aunties?”. There have been many spam in my mailbox with a bit of increased recognition (Critics alert: defining ‘recognition’ may result in ambiguity, resulting in frustration, don’t try it). Followed by that article, Jericho (attrition.org’s twitter account holder) asked if we had any questions to which we responded, […]

Megaupload site shut down Anonymous strikes back

As a part of SOPA and PIPA, the US officials have arrested Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and Federal prosecutors have accused it of costing the copyright holders more than $500m. Blackouts The announcement came a day after thousands of websites took part in a “blackout” to protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) and […]

Indian Army Fans Banned | Congress Censors Internet

If you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide  V/S  If you have not done anything wrong, you have nothing to censor. The war between Free Speech (democracy) vs Congress has taken a new toll in India. The very active Facebook fan page called Indian Army Fans was banned as a measure […]