AVG: The Best for Your Android

If you’ve been looking for a good antivirus service for your Android phone, look no further than AVG Antivirus. This service has been voted as the best protection for Android phones of all shapes and sizes in 2017, and for good reason. This service offers a huge variety of unique protective layers, ranging from simple privacy and cyber security to anti-theft measures that simply can’t be matched by other, comparable free products on the market.

The main reason you’ll want an app for antivirus for your Android is to keep the viruses and malware at bay. AVG helps you accomplish this in a variety of different ways, such as:

  • Scanning for threats regularly and removing them entirely.
  • Analyzing website you might encounter while browsing the web, and redirecting you if you encounter a page with harmful content.
  • Scans WiFi networks you’re connected to in order to check for encryption problems.

Another thing that sets the AVG Antivirus app apart from the rest is its ability to keep your phone safe from snooping and theft by offering:

  • The ability to track your phone and lock the screen to prevent thieves from accessing your information.
  • A password-protected file to keep your most sensitive content inside.
  • A Camera Trap, a service that snaps a photo of anyone who inputs a wrong password into your phone more than 3 times and emails you the image.
  • A way to remotely wipe your phone’s SD card of all information, so thieves can’t extract important financial information or other details.
  • Offers a call and text blocking service to rid your life of spam messages and phone calls you might be experiencing.

At the end of the day, AVG is much more than just a free antivirus app. It’s the must-have security measure for any Android device, and helps to keep your smartphone secure in almost endless ways. Keep your phone as safe and sound as possible by downloading this free app for yourself.