‘Badlepricon’ Android Malware To Mine Bitcoins

Badlepricon Malware

Android is the most popular operating system now-a-days. It is famous because of Google play store which can provide your millions of amazing and interesting apps, wallpapers, games etc. Google provides the full security by checking policies and there are very fewer attempts where you can fail in finding whatever you want to search. But the attack of cyber crime increases day by day which results in the presence of malware in android operating system. This article is about a new malware used for mining bitcoins called Badlepricon.

Security Researchers from Lookout have found a piece of mobile malware in Google play store called ‘Badlepricon’. This malware uses your device’s power to create new coins. Badlepricon is present in the form of wallpaper app.

Badlepricon Android Malware Used For Mining Bitcoin
Badlepricon Android Malware Used For Mining Bitcoin

Play Store already had suffered from the virus called Virus Shield which crashes the users Android devices when they download something from the Play Store. Google has offered the refund to the users with the credit of $5.

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The Badlepricon mainly affects on the battery and performance of the Android device. As this malware is present in the wallpaper app form so Google removed five wallpaper app. These wallpaper apps have been installed 100-500 times.

Before this malicious bitcoin mining application, Last month look introduced another bitcoin mining app called Coinkrypt which mainly focused on Litecoin, Dogecoin and  Casino Coin. There is difficulty in mining more bit coins with less computing power.But this software is somewhere different from Coinkrypt.

Lookout also explains,“If you’re a piece of malware, watching the phone’s battery power is a good way of hiding your activities as well. Coinkrypt did not employ the same safety checks and instead severely ran down the battery of our one of our researcher’s phone.”

It also explains, “Badlepricon also use a Wakelock or a feature that makes sure that the phone doesn’t go to sleep even if the display is turned off.”

How does Badlepricon Malware work?

The wallpapers found to be wallpapers of attractive men, anime girls etc. Badlepricon enters into an infinite loop and it doesn’t alerts you in privacy terms and condition. After entering in the device Badlepricon checks the battery status, connectivity and phone’s display (on/off) in every 5 seconds.

Miners mines bitcoins by using so much processing power of your device. This result in burning out of your device or your device get damaged. Badlepricon take care of this and check whether your battery level is running at over 50%, display is turned off and the phone network connectivity.

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How do you detect Badlepricon Virus?

1). If your mobile device gets overheated than usual, this means that malicious wallpaper is installed in your Android device that mines crypto currency and the worst part is you don’t know what is going in your device.

2). Secondly, it reduces the battery life because it uses device’s power to mine crypto currency and this results in overheating.

3). If your device has internet connection and starts overheating then it is sure that the malicious malware is in your device.

How do you protect your device from Badlepricon Malware?

1). Keep your Android setting ‘Unknown Sources’ is unchecked so that no other harmful application get installed in your device.

2). As this malware has been founded by lookout So I think lookout has better solution for this So download the mobile security application in your device so that your device gets protected from this malware and other malicious things.

This software is officially declared malicious by Google and also removed from Play Store.

Author: Kriti Jain