Benefits of using WordPress in SEO

Nowadays WordPress has become the most accepted and successful CMS. Several digital marketing agencies in India provide lucrative WordPress in seo customization service in order to guarantee high return on investment for online business. The dedicated WordPress development teams add any desired functionality to websites in order to meet all kinds of business requirements of their clients.

Now let’s take into consideration the benefits of Word Press in SEO.

        Easy to add content to website

First of all it is easy to add content to website with the help of WordPress. You can easily log in to website, type your post, add a title rich in keyword and then can press the button for publishing. Another advantage of WordPress site is “WYSIWYG” editor i.e. “what you see is what you get.” You can internally link within the pages of posts by adding keywords at the very beginning of page titles.

        Free to download

Again this software is free to download. You can visit and can download the software absolutely free from any kind of charge. At this website smart programmers are continuously working on this software in order to make it better and up-to-date for SEO purpose. Therefore every business owner will be benefited from this valuable software as they will download the latest version of the software.

        Customized URLs

You can customize your URLs with the help of word press. For instance you can get rid of words like for, to, etc and can have ideal keywords in the URL of your site, pages as well as your posts.

        Clean code for websites

WordPress usually comes with clean code. You can opt for premium WordPress themes that you can get from $50 to $100.

SEO For WordPress
SEO For WordPress

        Easy to make design for SEO friendly website

With the help of WordPress you can easily build designs for SEO friendly websites. You can create pages on websites as well as posts and then can classify your posts by making use of categories and tags. You can set up and plan websites by virtue of Word Press and can modify things as per your requirements.

        RSS Feed for website

Moreover you will also get RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed for your website. The content of your website can go to a feed directory with the help of a link coming back to your website. This RSS feed also permits the readers of your site to subscribe to your feed. And in this manner, your readers can read your new blogs and get the warning when your new contents are posted. Therefore RSS Feed is a powerful SEO tool included in Word Press.

        Easy installation of Google analytics

You can easily install Google analytics, submit as well as verify your website to Google Webmaster Tools and can also add site maps to your sites. Google Webmaster Tools confirm the possession of your sites and also provide a lot of information about how Google is looking at your website.

        Comment options for readers

Readers get the chance to make comments through wordpress. They can interact with your online businesses by adding several comments and thus let you know about their view points.

        Images can be easily optimized

You can optimize images easily for SEO by adding images to blogpost and can also add image titles as well as image alt texts. As Google can’t read images, you can help Google to identify images by making use of the alt texts with the incorporation of your chosen keyword.

        Word Press Plugins

Through WordPress Plugins you can add functionality to your websites and can search any online information from the web. Some of the preferred Word Press Plugins for SEO include CB Net Ping Optimizer, Robot’s Meta plug-in, Google Analytics for Word Press, XML Sitemap plug-in, etc.

These are some of the top SEO benefits of using Word Press for your websites. Find out the best digital marketing agency in India and grab hold of the benefits of Word Press to grow your online business.  If You Wish To Write Articles For Whitec0de Magazine, then Click Here