Best Browser: Google Chrome Vs Chromium

Google Chrome Vs Chromium

Before I start writing, I want to make clear that I find Google Chrome best for my needs, and I consider it to be the best browser. Chrome holds 39% of the browser market. This article is about 2 best browsers in my opinion.

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Many people consider Chromium browser to be a beta version of Google Chrome. If you are one of those people, then perhaps, this article is for you, because IT ISN’T. It is saying like Ubuntu is the beta version of Linux. Chromium browser is an open source project, whereas Google Chrome is a project ‘based’ on Chromium open source browser. Chrome has majorly adapted the source code of Chromium.

So, we can say that Google Chrome is a distro of Chromium like Ubuntu/Fedora are distributions of Linux OS. Now, we will tell you what are the differences between Google Chrome and Chromium Browser.

Benchmark Test Comparisons

We will check both the browsers on certain benchmark tests to know about their compliance with different web standards.

The tests were done on Ubuntu 12.04 OS.

Chrome Version 32.0.1700.107

Chromium Version 32.0.1700.102 Ubuntu 12.04 (32.0.1700.102-0ubuntu0.12.04.1~20140128.864.1) 

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Acid 3 Test

Acid 3 is a test written in ECMAScript and checks a browser on 6 different criteria. It basically checks for a browser compatibility with elements of DOM (Document Object Model) and JavaScript.

Below is the result of our test.

Acid 3 Test on Google Chrome and Chromium Browser
Acid 3 Test on Google Chrome and Chromium Browser

Both the browsers received full marks in this test, 100/100.

Peacekeeper Browser Test

Peacekeeper benchmark test keeps the following measures into note: renderGrid, renderPhysics, Html5 – WebGL, Html5 – Video, Html5 – Web Worker, Html5 – Game, Html5 Canvas, Dom operations and text parsing.

These elements are mostly countered using popular websites like facebook, twitter, amazon etc.

When I took this test using Chromium browser, my result was 2682, and it scored 6/7 in HTML5 capabilities.

Peacekeeper browser test
Peacekeeper browser test

But, Google Chrome did better on peacekeeper benchmark test. It scored 3365, but chrome has same score on html5 capabilities as of chromium.

Google Chrome Peacekeeper benchmark test
Google Chrome Peacekeeper benchmark test

Octane V2 Benchmark Test:

Octane 2.0 is a modern benchmark that measures a JavaScript engine’s performance by running a suite of tests representative of today’s complex and demanding web applications. Octane‘s goal is to measure the performance of JavaScript code found in large, real-world web applications, running on modern mobile and desktop browsers.

When Chromium was tested using Octane 2.0, It came with a score of 9828.

Chromium Score on Octane V2.0
Chromium Score on Octane V2.0

However, Google Chrome did a much better job here. Google Chrome scored 11159 points in Octave 2.0 Benchmark test.

Google Chrome Octane Benchmark Score
Google Chrome Octane Benchmark Score

Browserscope benchmark Test

Browserscore Benchmark test for browser tests a web browser on many levels.  The benchmark test is comprised of  Security Tests, Rich Text Tests, Selectors API Tests, Network Tests, Acid3 Tests,  JSKB Tests.

Below, you can see a comparision of both the browsers. both of the got 87 out of 100, but had different scores in all categories.

Browserscope Benchmark comparision
Browserscope Benchmark comparison


HTML5Test check how well can a browser support HTML5. It does so by checking if the browser can pass parsing rules like <!DOCTYPE html> triggering standard mode, HTML 5 Token, Tree building.  It also checks for elements.

You must note that HTML5Test service treats Google Chrome, and Google Chromium as same browsers. The score is same for both the broswers. Google Chrome and Chromium got 503 points out of 555 points, which is highest in all popular browsers.

HTML5test for google chrome and Chromium
HTML5test for google chrome and Chromium

Chrome supports 25 elements out of 30. Chrome and chromium partially supports text level semantic elements, and interactive elements. Except for microdata test, chrome does a good job in all other sub tests. In Microdata test, Chrome/chromium fails on all standards.

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Some other important aspects of comparison are the logo design, Google chrome has a colorful logo, while Chromium logo is made of blue colors. In Google Chrome, unlike Chromium browser, the crash reporting is available.
There are many differences in the Video and audio tags too. Chromium lacks support for some audio/video extensions. Chromium browser also lacks in in-built plugins for PDF functions and flash.

Over all, if you are looking for a simple and fast browser, then Chromium Browser is for you. Else, if you are looking for productivity and customization, then Google Chrome.

Author: Naveen Thakur