Best Free classified ads website for India – Olx

Olx India - Sab kuch bikta hai


One of the lifehacks by Whitec0de is to market your product online for free!
For start ups, things can get a bit tight with their pockets limited inevitably the need of advertising makes you put a hole in it!
Been there!

Luckily! we now have Olx, a free classified ads website, where can market your products and also check out other sellers dealing in the same product, the word is competition! The challenge is not surviving in the competition but to enter into it and get into the league. You need a fine marketplace where you can see the products being sold and the potential buyers or merely someone who is just publicizing it. In smaller chunks!
Stay connected and keep yourself updated with the latest trends and features which will help you SELL!

  • Register yourself – as a company or an individual – Get the basics right! It is amazingly easy but having a hand of experience wouldn’t hurt anyone either! ;)
  • Start by putting a free classified ad on it! – This will help you enter the market! The second baby step.
  • Get a listing link of yourself / your product, and share it to your friends on social media – This will help you gain more audience!
  • Keep sharing!

Olx is designed to help you SELL! If you don’t know already… For example, Whilst posting a classified ad, they have these little tips which lit up as soon as you are about to put something in it, when we try to add an Ad title, it tells you that this is the tagline you want to make sure that you sound impressive and have that “catchy” title which will make the visitors click on it!

Pictures play an important part of your advertisement! Olx demands that you post a picture (which is totally optional) but as I said earlier, it is there to ‘HELP YOU SELL’ your product!

Ads ideally take sometime before they show up, which tells me that they have an intelligent system which monitors and delivers spam-free content for the users – your buyers!

How does that happen?

Olx sends you an SMS (no, it is not a telemarketing gimmick) but genuinely notification system which can be permanently deactivated however, if I were you, I would like to keep myself updated of my ‘online shop’ space where my product is listed!

Is Olx, an Indian company, you ask? Not really! Just because of the amazing TV ads that you see, it does not make it an Indian company, however, it is a platform for Indians where listings appear ‘locally’ based on your location!

One of the prime positive vibe which Olx gives is, it’s willingness to beat and capture the market, which tells me, they are here to for long! Really Long! Which I personally admire at the first place – India is a difficult market but Olx is making it as a point that it delivers what their former tagline was “where buyers meet sellers”!

Coming back to our prime topic, of publishing your product online? Olx should be your preferred choice!


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