Chat Between Pakistan and Indian Air Force Officers

Pakistani Air Defense Radar:’ Unknown aircraft, you are in Pakistani airspace.
Identify yourself.’

Aircraft: ’ This is an Indian aircraft and I am in international airspace.’

 Air Defense Radar: ’ You are in Pakistani airspace… If you do not depart
our airspace NOW, we will launch interceptor aircraft!’

Aircraft: ’ This is Sukhoi-30 MkI, armed with nine R77 BVR missiles. Send ’em up, I’ll wait

Air Defense Radar: (no response …. total silence)!!

Good morning Pakistan, Big D this side!!
SU30 MKI is Roaring over the Rajasthan Skies with proud,
just 2 min away from Pakistan.

Better use ear Caps… Pakistan!!

Here Are Some Images Of Indian Fighter Jet Sukhoi 30 MKI:


  • i want to join Indian Airforce

  • indian airforce is much better than pakistani

  • indian air force is much better than pakistani

    • bravo

      Look, indians have admitted that they openly violate international airspace. As a matter of fact one should be ashamed of committing a crime, rather than feeling proud. That’s is why we pakistanis cliam that we are a peace loving country, its india which always provoke a peacloving country. Please live happily and let others live peacefully. from A peaceloving country – The great Pakistan

  • Raju


    Had India been voilating the rules then why Pakistan is a terrorist country.

    You are a good comedian.

  • dheeraj

    Spit on your face you lying Paki Prick!