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11 Questions For
11 Questions For

After my last edit “Watchdogs Or Gossip Aunties?”. There have been many spam in my mailbox with a bit of increased recognition (Critics alert: defining ‘recognition’ may result in ambiguity, resulting in frustration, don’t try it).

Followed by that article, Jericho (’s twitter account holder) asked if we had any questions to which we responded, Yes. (via

Read on, Jericho’s response to my 11 questions with a commentary.

Attrition.Org: This follows another piece titled Watchdogs Or Gossip Aunties? that I believe I called “interesting”. Despite the length of the article, it doesn’t seem to make many definitive points. It also makes some assertions that are not true, possibly due to poor paraphrasing from previous conferences where I spoke. With my recent presentations on the Errata project at RVAsec and BlackHat Las Vegas, I have made an effort to be more transparent about the project. This stems from increasing attention to the project, and a wide variety of questions via Twitter, email, and in person.

Hackers5: Following to my editorial last month, which was just an unbiased opinion but, Attrition perhaps wanted it to be unbiased by saying “they could have done better by either complimenting or criticizing”. But hey that’s not what journalists are habituated to, isn’t it? There were definitive points which were to be figured out which, by the looks of it, the staff of Attrition has not been able to. I did not speak about his presentation regarding RVAsec and BlackHat Las Vegas, well that was an assumption-turned-conclusion by him. I have further bold few words from the response however, rest assured, we have mirrored the page for our personal use (Critics alert: Please stop defining personal). Again: Not a single word in their response has changed except the font format.


1. What is the motto of and how has it been consistent (if at all)?

I don’t think we have a specific motto. The site has evolved over the years, as we have focused on a wide variety of projects related to privacy and security. We have an about us page that attempts of summarizes the purpose and goals of the site. There is also an almost 13 year old article that tries to answer “what is”

The only thing I can say is consistent, is that the site remains a hobby project run by a constantly changing group of people that have different levels of passion for the work done here.

Hackers5 Commentary: So, it’s a group without a motto and it’s a hobby website. (Fan alert: So, you stop reading since it answers all of your questions too. Others, please read on)


To be continued on Hackers5 – September Edition.