Cyber Attacks On Congress

Indian National Congress (INC) , One of the major and running party in India is facing trouble in both Virtual and real world.

2G scam, CWG scam, cash for Vote were already haunting congress party and now the new bill regarding the Censorship of Internet in India. Both the Netizens and Citizens are  unhappy with this new decision made by Mr Kapil Sibal (Telecom Minister).

Twitter and Facebook were trending with Kapil Sibal Hash Tags, Gaining him negative popularity.

Protests are being  organised on the internet which includes jokes on Kapil Sibal, Sonia Gandhi, and other leaders of Congress. In a recent protest, A hacker(Hacktivist) Hacked into the website of Congress on the 65th birthday of Mr Sonia Gandhi on Friday and defaced her profile page with some sexual content.

“The government is very sensitive to criticism of Gandhi, whose family has dominated Indian politics for over six decades.” reuters said.

For this Censorship IT law, Sibal has been criticized by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. 

Without adding Sibal’s name, Ban Ki-Moon said:

“Many of the people seeking their legitimate aspirations were linked through social media. Gone are the days when repressive governments could control the flow of information. Today, within their existing obligation to respect the rights of freedom of assembly and expression, governments must not block access to the internet and various forms of social media as a way to prevent criticism and public debate.”

Earlier Hilary Clinton said :

 “When ideas are blocked, information deleted, conversations stifled and people constrained in their choices , the internet is diminished for all of us.”

Facebook and other Websites have welcomed this Decision By Indian Government, but The Search Engine Giant has denied any kind of Censorship on the content show on their website saying ”  it complies with all the rules and regulations of the land and it would not remove any content from its website just because it is of controversial nature.”

With all these attacks going on, Govt of India has decided to review its New IT policy of Censorship.

Our suggestion to Govt of India:-

“No software can filter sarcasm, you hate it or love it but you can never stop people from expressing their views. Internet can never be bounded by any Censorship and if you still want to do that then don’t you f**king call yourself Democratic Government”