Dell XPS 14 and Dell XPS 15: Newly Launched laptop By Dell

Dell announced its new series of XPS laptops by launching XPS14 and XPS15. These laptops are similarly designed as that of XPS13.the consumers who wants performance, connectivity and entertainment have specific craftsmanship in an additional screen size.
The ranges of XPS14 and XPS15 are Rs.91,473 and Rs.100,193 respectively. These ranges are only for few versions of these laptops.
These laptops are provided with the latest intel technology and great power with great service support to play the important role in business machines.
For those who are familiar with the dell’s award winning XPS13 ultrabook, they already have a good idea of what to expect from these two XPS machines. Dell uses better quality and high end material in both of these laptops.

Features offered by XPS14 and XPS15:

Their name describes the features of these laptop . XPS14 suggests that it has 14 inch screen display and XPS15 has 15 inch screen display.

 Features of XPS14:

Features Of Dell XPS 14
`Features Of Dell XPS 14
  1. It has silicon base in compact having thickness of 0.07 cm design. It features a highly durable machined aluminium chassis.
  2. It has 400 nit HD+ edge to edge display.
  3. It also sports as leather fetching back that also helps to avoid the signal interference.
  4. XPS14’s corning gorilladisplay ha optimum resolution of 1600X900 pixels.
  5. Storage choice includes 500 GBb hard drive and memory can be topped up via an additional driver or 32GB SSD card.
  6. It allows customers to access more and more information very quickly and easily because of its fast boot up and quick response time.
  7. XPS14 has a weight of 4.6 pounds and measures 0.8 by 13.2 by 9.2 inches.

Price Of Dell XPS 14: Rs. 91,473

Features of Dell XPS15:

  1. Dell’s XPS15 features the screen resolution of 1920X1080 pixels.
  2. This cool and smart look lappy is also protected with corning gorilla display.
  3. The customers can also make their choices in processors. Two processors are provided. One is an NVIDIA GeForce GT630M chip with 1GB of ram and second one is an NVIDIA GeForce GT640M chip with 2GBof ram.
  4. XPS 15 focuses on the consumer’s entertainment and content creation.
  5. The XPS15 measures 0.91by 14.6 by 9.8 inches and weighs 5.79 pounds.
  6. The battery of this laptop lasts just over 8 hours and it is also provided with DVD-RW or blue ray disc drive.
  7. It also provides 3 USB 3.0 ports, a mini display port, a 3-in-1 card reader etc. It also has wireless LAN WiFi.

 Price Of Dell XPS 15: Rs.100,193


Both XPS14 and XPS15 come up with the America’s best standard protection plan. In a short period both of these laptops provided with performance and functionality into a small package. In addition to the limited hardware, the plan includes in home services. Dell has made it easier for IT department to choose laptops that offer the security and services that employees and executives now demand.

What is consumer’s choice?

Customers who need more than just WiFi and Bluetooth capability can choose XPS14 featuring integrated mobile broadband  technology. Beyond that, there are options for integrated EVDO/HSPA and HSPA+ connectivity.
There’s also a pay-as-you-go option called dell net ready broadband service. The bottom line is that the customers who purchase XPS14 with integrated mobile broadband technology do not need any Wi-Fi connectivity at anywhere.

On the other hand, if I talk about the dell’s XPS15, this dell product makes the work easier on other intensive work like streaming HD content. The blue ray movies looked and sounded amazing on the full HD display. The bottom line is that XPS5 is the fastest machine and if you work with high resolution or edit HD video all the day then XPS15 is the best option for customer.

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