Do You Need GPS Chip Packed 3G Dongle from Mobile Carriers?

Do You Need GPS Chip Packed 3G Dongle from Mobile Carriers?
Do You Need GPS Chip Packed 3G Dongle from Mobile Carriers?

In this day and age, 3G internet dongles are readily available from mobile carriers. However, with the advancements that have been made, 3G dongles are now coming with built in GPS chips. Broadband Expert compares internet dongle deals and it asks its readers a question: do consumers really need GPS chip packed 3G dongle from mobile carriers?

3G dongles are simple USB devices that connect to your desktop computer or laptop. These mobiles usually have an embedded chip in them that lets you connect to the internet.3G dongles have become the easiest way to connect to the internet. They allow you to use the internet without the need for a wired connection. They are being increasingly used in these days because of their portability and high speeds.

Previously, the speeds offered by 3G dongles were not up to the level of DSL. Furthermore, they usually have significantly smaller data caps on them and hence you can download less than on a DSL. However, in recent years, the problem pertaining to speed has been fixed as most 3G dongles now offer very high speeds.

To overcome the problem with multiple devices, Mi-Fi was introduced; modified 3G dongles. Mi-Fi actually stands for “My Wi-Fi” and is a device used to connect to the internet just like a normal dongle. These dongles can even let a fixed number of devices connect to the dongle. These devices are known as Mi-Fi and are the primary devices used in Wi-Fi hotspots.

The biggest advantage of these 3G dongles is that you can connect yourself and many other devices to the internet at the same time. This means that you don’t have to buy a separate router to use your 3G dongle at home and on multiple computers.

The biggest advantage of 3G dongles is that you get high-speed internet wherever you go. As long as there is network coverage, you can use the dongle wherever you want with any mobile device, provided there is a USB port.

3G dongles are primarily used by people on the go and/or those who need to stay connected to the internet. These include businessmen, those who own a recreational vehicle (RV) and those who spend a lot of time commuting. Those who usually have a laptop or are far away from a landline also tend to use 3G dongles a lot more.

However, in recent years, mobile carriers have started embedding GPS chips into their 3G dongles. This enables carriers to keep track of their 3G dongles and allows them to know precisely where their services are being used. This can help them gain valuable information about the product(s) they just launched. This information can be used when they decide to create another 3G dongle in the future.

The real question is do we really need it? In many cases, you may probably never need it. However, the GPS in your 3G dongle can be a Godsend in many cases. Many companies compare various internet dongle deals. Even Broadband Expert compares internet dongle deals.

So what does an embedded GPS chip mean for users? Well for one, you can use it to track your own location. This is particularly useful for those on the move, especially those who own a recreational vehicle. By using the software that comes bundled with the 3G dongle, you can check your location and find out precisely where you are.

Although the size of a 3G dongle is primarily an advantage, it can be a disadvantage as well. One big problem with 3G dongles is that they are small and can get lost quite easily. Their size makes them easy to misplace or steal – you would not know if it was stolen or misplaced. In case a 3G dongle is lost, the dongle manufacturer can be contacted. They will use the GPS chip so that the device can be track and the retrieved.
In essence, you don’t really need GPS chip-packed 3G dongles from your mobile carrier as you can most likely live without it. However, if you were presented with the option to buy one with it, I would highly recommend you take it. There are just so many more advantages to be had with such a small yet powerful add-on.

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