Why I Don’t Like Working From Home

Working From Home

working from home
Note: This article is written by the idea that you work as a freelancer, but it can easily be attached, even if you are working as an employee in a firm. Also,
This article is written by a very frustrated person. 

Imagine a situation where you are not bound with working hours. You don’t have to worry about alarm and missing office. No scolding from the boss. You have food, TV and everything that can be found in today’s home. Sounds tempting right? NO. A Big NO. Let me tell you why I don’t like working from home.

I am working in this environment and it is just killing me. My productivity has decreased significantly. Which in result, is affecting my income. I am not a greedy person, so I can bear with less money, but it is making me frustrated, short-tempered and even depressive.

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Reasons Why I Don’t Like Working From Home

Here are reasons I don’t like working at home:

Social Factor: Tell people what you want, they just can’t believe that a person can work from home. They see it as if you are using it as an excuse to get away from them. For Example, once I was working on a very important project (important because of the deadline), and a couple of friends came and asked me to come with them to watch movie. I tried to explain, but they didn’t listen a shit. Frankly, I had to fight my way out of it. I came out of this situation as a bad guy.

Distraction: You are distracted very easily while working from home. You have family members, you have friends. Try what you want, you just can’t ignore the fact that you have to go to buy stuff from the market. Or simply, your neighbor called you for help, because their cat is stuck on the tree. Or the image below describes it.

working at home

Home is never a proper working environment. Even if no one is disturbing you, not even your pets, you don’t actually have an ideal working place. You can’t consult your project issues with your colleagues face to face, or simply discuss an idea with a like minded person.

You need a commander. It is very difficult to remain disciplined towards work at home. You want to look at your Facebook page for a second, you see a funny cat photos or video, and the next thing you know is a great deal of time has past.

Above I have told why I don’t like working at home. Now, let me tell you the reason why I ‘need’ to work from home.

Reason For Working From Home

The first reason is economics. If I am working away from home, I need an office. Office aren’t very cheap to get on lease, no matter where you live. Working from home saves you a lot of money, which can be further invested in the business. So, if you aren’t a millionaire, I think you will find it wise to avoid renting a business.

family member. If you have a family member, which needs your attention and care, you can’t go to office for work. The same goes if you have a baby at home.

But then again, working at office isn’t a piece of cake too. Once you have tasted freedom of working from home, you can’t switch to a limited environment. I personally prefer working from home, this is probably my diary page. I wanted to blurt out my frustration somehow.

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How To Make ‘Working from Home’ Work?

I have figured what is needed to make things easy while working from home.

Make a schedule. It is very very important that you create a timetable for yourself in order to work from home.

Discipline is must. To avoid getting distracted from cat videos and Facebook, you can add a firewall to stop the access of such websites. Try a firewall which is used in schools and offices to restrict the students and employees from using websites which can affect work.

Your Health: It is very important that you don’t feel stressed or depressive. To avoid such mental conditions, try Yoga. Believe me, it really helps. Try Pranayama to control yourself. Include these activities in your time table.

I am sure if you follow these 3 habits, you can still work from a place where no one cares what time you wake-up and what you wear.

Author: Naveen Thakur