How To Encrypt Your Android Smartphone

Encrypt Your Android Smartphone

Imagine if your android smartphone is stolen/lost and you have some strict personal and financial information stored in it. Like your credit/debit card, your emails, private photos and everything which you never want other eyes to see. It is probably a nightmare for any person who uses an android smartphone. It is not only a privacy threat, but can also lead to financial damage. What will you do now? This article will guide you on how to encrypt your android smartphone data so that even if it reaches wrong hands, no one can access the information stored in it.

Encryption makes your data in an unreadable format, which can only be accessed after entering the right combination code. Here are some ways in which you can encrypt your android mobile.

First, we will put pin lock in your android smartphone.

How To Set Screen Lock?

android Screen lock pin

You can set up a screen pin lock by going to security menu>Screen Lock> Pin/Password. Now, you can set a easily set your screen password. It is best to put a pin of 6+ numbers.

Now whenever your screen is off, you are required to enter a pin/password to unlock.

How To Encrypt Your Android Smartphone Data?

Encrypt Your Android Smartphone
Encrypt Your Android Smartphone

To encrypt your android smartphone, go to the following category Settings>Security>Encrypt Phone
in order to start the encryption process.

Using this inbuilt encryption system, you can encrypt your android settings, applications, apps data, photos and videos, music files, and other files on the phone memory.

The pin/password will be asked each time you power on your android smartphone.

Please note that the encryption operation of your android smartphone is irreversible, and in case the process is interrupted, there is a risk of losing data. The encryption process takes several hours depending on your data on the smartphone.
During the encryption, your android phone will restart several times.

The only way to decrypt your phone is by performing a factory data reset, which will erase all the data stored on the smartphone.

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Anti Theft Applications

cerberus anti theft android application
cerberus anti theft android application

There are many anti theft applications available on the android play store. My favourite is  Cerberus anti theft. Install this application on your android smartphone, and it will do the following things:

  • You can control it through their website.
  • You can control this app via text messages.
  • In case someone enters a new unauthorized sim on your phone, it will send you alerts to you.
  • Cerberus also allows you to locate and track your lost/stolen smartphone.
  • You can set on a loud alarm from the website even if the phone is on silent mode.
  • This app can lock the device using a code.
  • Apart from all these features, it can record audio, get call details, get info about network and operator etc.

Encrypting Your SD Card (Root required)

cryptonite Android Application
cryptonite Android Application

To encrypt my SD Card, I use Cryptonite application. Although this app is under development, but it still does a pretty good job. In order to use this application, your android smartphone must be rooted. Using this application you can not only encrypt your SD card, but you can sync your SD card with Dropbox.

Taking Backup of Application (Root Required)

titanium backup pro
titanium backup pro

Using Titanium Backup Pro you can take backup or restore or freeze your applications. You can do the same for your data and market links. Titanium Backup Pro app also protects other apps on smartphone & the system apps. It can also take backup/restore external data on your SD card. You can have scheduled backups with this application.

Now your phone is fully encrypted. In order to get access to the phone, the thief must flash the ROM of your smartphone with another ROM. But this process will delete all your phone data, so your data will remain safe.

Do make sure that you regularly take backup of your data. You can get a new phone, but it is hard to get your own data.

Author: Naveen Thakur