21 Interesting Facts And Statics About Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been called the day of love. It’s a day where not only the lovers show their affection for each other but for every member of the family, don’t be surprised if I say your pets also( many people like to do that). Here are some facts which are even though known most of the time ignored by common people.

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  1. After Christmas and Easter, Valentine Day is the most awaited holiday in the calendar.

  2. Valentine Day is believed to be originated somewhere around 500 AD.

  3. This day was established by Pope Gelasius 1.

  4. Valentine Day is named after the Christian martyr named Saint Valentine.

  5. The Saint Valentine was beheaded on 14th February for secret marriage.

  6. Valentine’s Day trace its root to an ancient believe where the young man stripped naked would spanked woman in hopes of increasing their fertility.

  7. Though unbelievable but suicide rates go up in Valentine Day.

  8. Sales of condoms rise by 25% on this day, though all dates may not end with sex.

  9. More STDs are contacted than other time of the year.

  10. Most home pregnancy tests kits are sold in March than any other month of the year.

  11. Some 53% of women dump their boyfriends for not buying them a Valentine Day gift.

  12. Around 40% of men prefer not to receive a gift and in the same way 25% women feel the same.

  13. 20% women tend to send flowers to them on Valentine’s Day to make themselves feel better.

  14. The custom of  giving valentine day card to your loved one started back in the year 1850 in America

  15. The majority of people buying Valentine’s day flowers are man i.e. 73% and only 27% are women.

  16. Some time back in Malaysia 80 arrest was made to stop the Muslim community to celebrate valentine’s Day.

  17. More and more modern society is recognizing Valentine’s Day more as a day to boost up their economic system by doing more business.

  18. In US valentine’s Day has become a holiday to be celebrated by children.

  19. An average Annual Valentine’s Day spending is around $ 13.19 Billion.

  20. The majority of rose sold in the US on this special Day are imported from all the way from South America wasting fossil fuels.

  21. Sales of love heart shape sweets dramatically increase on this day which all may not taste so good.

Never mind these facts but Valentine’s Day was celebrated and will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm, with the same love.  Everyone looks forward to it and plans accordingly. It is indeed a special day to celebrate and to show your loved ones how much you love and care for them. So go ahead and make it a memorable day for your loved one.

Go and enjoy your valentine day this year!!!

Author: Naveen Thakur