Features to Look for in Online Collaborative Applications

Online collaboration is the best way to conduct online meetings and work in a team. Earlier businesses required their employees to be physically present to attend any meetings which took expenses and travelling time too, but nowadays online collaboration makes everything easy as it cuts down physical attendance and also reduces travelling time.

There are many tools to make online collaboration possible and with various tools available, it becomes very difficult for a business to choose the right online collaboration tool. Further, why only depend on separate online collaboration tools? Even the social media platforms we use daily like Google+ Hangout and Facebook can function as online collaboration tools as well.

So, here are few absolute features to look for in online collaborative applications:

Features to Look for in Online Collaboration Tools:

1. Security

The security feature is obvious to be on top of the list. Now, whenever a business team is collaborating online, the team does a lot of work which is highly confidential and the team needs to make sure that anyone else on the Web can’t access those files or want to prevent those files from data theft.

The team needs to ensure that the online collaboration tool that they are using has good security features or some advanced options like it performs an auto-backup of all important data. Or it provides additional security on pages (like https).

Needless to say, security features should be the main concern while selecting an online collaborative application. Without it, any company or small business risks losing its database. A simple security feature like taking backup of files are taken for granted by us; but no, check before using any kind of collaboration software.

2. Reasonably Priced

There are a lots of online collaboration tools which are paid. Most of them offer a trial period and later need to pay for it or even some providers will offer prices depending upon the storage the business organization need and the number of users added to the team for collaboration.

And this factor must be decided depending upon the business, like the storage needed and the number of users in the team. And as such, even though affordability is also a bigger factor here, quality of collaboration software should never be compromised because of the first point – security.

Nevertheless, if your business can’t afford high end prices of the collaboration software, numerous coupon code deals can be sought from social networking sites, coupon deal sites and the official website of the software itself.

3. Easy & Clean Interface

An easy to use interface is something that makes a perfect online collaboration tool. The main purpose of using online collaboration tool is to make collaboration easier, not stressful.

Seek out for a tool which has a user-friendly interface. If any tool is too much complicated to work out with, then the team will face lots of problems which would waste lots of time while the team switches to online work groups. Find a pleasant tool to work out with which would make the team projects much easier.

An example could be the new Google+ Hangout application that is very easy to install, use, record and share data.

4. Permissions Control

It is important to enable users to add people to workspaces and have a control on what those added people are authorized to do in that particular workspace. Ideally, go for tools that give one person the admin status and this admin person can assign the roles and responsibilities of other users.

Also, this makes sure that which users have been provided authorization to make any changes to the files or documents present in that workspace. This does adds a security layer to the workspace as you need not worry about changes being made to documents since only authorized people can access to those documents.

5. Document Locking

Document Locking is an essential feature which is required in every online collaboration tool. Document Locking ensures that only one file is being edited by a single user at a time, along with the added feature to see what that person was editing and with what timestamp. This feature favorably avoids any misuse of data or any unauthorized changing of important files.

In such a manner, multiple people can’t edit any file simultaneously which keeps all the documents and files within an order or say organized. This is much more important if the team working is a big team of people along with lots of editors delegated with multiple responsibilities.


Here are the 5 must have absolute features to look for in online collaboration applications. Online collaboration is the norm of today’s businesses because of two main features: time saving and speeding up of businesses world over. Nevertheless, select whatever online meeting tool you want to use wisely.

Are you using any online meeting tools? What is your experience with them?


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