Five Things I Learned From Switching Hostings

Five Things I Learned From Switching Hosting Companies
Five Things I Learned From Switching Hosting Companies

Around December of last year I ran into a serious problem. My traffic was steadily increasing due to an explosion of popularity in my niche but my page load time was unfortunately steadily increasing as well. I had to act fast. I contacted my host to try to figure out what was going on but this lead me basically nowhere. The answers I received were roundabout distractions and did not answer the core issue of the problem. The truth was my host simply wasn’t sufficient for my website. So I began looking for a new web host. In my search I learned five very important things that every Webmaster should know.

1.Not all hosts are created equally

When I first selected my web host I assumed all web hosts were essentially the same. After all a server is a server right? As it turns out not all servers are created identically. Even to servers with near identical hardware specs can often have very different load times depending on the optimization and configuration of the server from a software standpoint.

2. The most popular hosts are not always the best

When I was for selecting my host I simply Googled for web hosts and chose one that seemed to be the most popular. After all if so many people liked it surely would be the best. Unfortunately this simply wasn’t the case. After all, my host was certainly popular, but it was probably too popular for its own good. Its customer service had fallen to drastically low levels and it was overloaded with websites.

3. The best host may vary depending on your website platform

This is another one that surprised me. I assume that if they were a good host then they would be a good host no matter which platform my website was running. As it turns out, this too is false. Some hosts are optimized for WordPress, others may be best for e-commerce platforms. It’s important to understand which platform you’re going to be running and you find a host that understands and optimizes for these platforms. I run a WordPress site so I ended up going with a host that specializes in WordPress hosting.

4. Your website may act differently on a new web host

This again is another thing that surprised me. I expected all websites to have the same basic functions no matter how the host was configured. The truth is, depending on the way the server is configured, some features that were available on the old server may not be available on a new server. Because of this it’s quite common to find that features of the website do not perform as they used to. If this happens you may be able to find a workaround or you may have to switch hosts again.

5. Live support is priceless

At my old host I often found myself sending e-mails to support and then waiting up to 24 hours to receive a response. While this may be fine for some issues, when you have an urgent matter that needs attention live support simply cannot be beaten.

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