From Swayam Sevak to Pradhan Sevak


Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 15th Prime minister of India. He is considered as a Hindu nationalist and a member of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak, which may or may not tag him as an extremist.

He has always been a controversial figure for over a decade, it is claimed that opposition had only one card to play with and Modi on the other hand never went aggressive on his opposition, unless adding a spicy humour against their PM candidates and debut stars who formed new political party.

I have not known our Hon’ Prime minister personally but know him as much as most of the readers know, and everything that news and Google told us. From rumours to actual verified facts.

I am not writing about his history or what he did and what he did not. From all that I know, in one of the interviews, he said “you get tired of doing nothing, when you do something and accomplish it, you feel satisfied, not tired” (translated). This shows the way he follows his life, he is a regular Yoga practitioner and we all know how Yoga and meditation composes our mind. Sound administration needs a sound mind to administer. Through rocks and roller-coasters, he stood like “nothing” and thus, he gave in to nothing and nothing managed to overcome him. Like a tempest which breaks even the mountains apart and results in tsunami in the oceans, he was that tempest; nothing stopped him and nothing broke him till the sun-shined on our nation and tempest covered it with itself, calm and composed.

There is a chaos all over the opposition for price rise, second inflation, unpredictability of market and terror organizations heading up. It is forming like a cloud of darkness full of lightening and thunderstorms to destroy everything around. However, the sunshine is not lost, the glory of our nation stands together in all his decisions.

A role model of every business man and ruthless leader with calculative riots (as rumoured – even if it is true, that makes him a better leader who can ACTUALLY control the riots and roots), alleged to have left his wife to serve the nation (as rumoured – even if it is true that he “left” her, that makes him a better leader with neat character who believed in renunciation for dedication). He started as a Swayam Sevak and is not Pradhan Sevak. Narendra Modi. The man with such caliber deserves the place, he is at. Whitec0de team wishes him the best of what he does and will continue supporting the spirit that drives him and thus, our nation.