Gmail Says No To JavaScript Attachments

Google Blocks JavaScript Attachments

Gmail Blocks JavaScript Attachments
Gmail Blocks JavaScript Attachments

Starting from February 13th, Gmail will block all Javascript attachments. This announcement came in wake of increasing security concerns. Around the world, hackers are using malicious javascript code to infect computer of targets.

Hackers send these malicious Javascript Attachments in the mail. Once the user opens the attachment, his computer gets infected. These Javascript files are capable of stealing valuable data such as credit card details, personal pictures, important documents, social media passwords etc. from the computer.

In the past, hackers used other file types for attacking. Such as:


After February 13th, if a user will try to add a .js file attachment to Gmail, he/she will get an error message saying that the attachment can’t be uploaded.

How to Send .js Files From Now On?

Javascript has become very popular among developers.  Not every .js file is malicious. So, in order to send a .js file fro one person to another, you can use Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular cloud storage services.