Google Admits Having A Secret Laboratory “Google X Lab”

Nothing is impossible when it comes to Google, not even taking fridges and lifts that will work in space. Recently Google admitted that they are involved in innovative experimental Research works, Told a Google spokesperson.

He added  ‘Google has always invested in speculative R&D projects – it’s part of our DNA. While the possibilities are incredibly exciting, the sums involved are very small by comparison to the investments we make in our core businesses. In terms of details, we don’t comment on speculation.’

The lab is reportedly located somewhere in Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters – known as ‘the Googleplex’

Engineers are free to work on projects such as connected fridges that order groceries when they run low – or even tableware that can connect to social networks.

Other Google engineers have reportedly researched ideas as far-out as elevators to space.

This, it’s thought, would be made from super-strong carbon nanotubes and stretch 22,000 miles into space.

It could be used to ferry astronauts and cargo into orbit.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is reportedly deeply involved in the lab. It’s known, for example, that his business card is simply a piece of silvery metal decorated with the letter X.

To a surprise, most of the Google workers don’t even know about this Lab.

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