Google Bomb: The Atom Bomb of The Internet

Google Bomb
Google Bomb

Have you ever heard about the term ‘GOOGLE BOMB?’ I personally believed that this term is unfamiliar with most of you. Instead of not knowing the term, everyone experiences this while using internet. Here I explain to those who are unknown by this term. The main purpose of the youth is to gain more and more knowledge about each and every small thing. There is always a source to gain knowledge. Youth consider ‘GOOGLE’- as the Ultimate Guru. With their education, Googling is also the main part of their life.

Generally if we want to get some information about any topic or the matter, we prefer Google first. Do we think about it that why we prefer Google first? The reason behind this is before we think on that topic or matter, mastermind Google already think upon it and gives us the best consequences. Similarly, if Google already knows that what we want to know, why do we not try to know more and more about the Google.

What is Google bomb?

“Google bomb refers to the process of designing a large number of web links that increases the ranking for searches on unrelated keywords or phrase that we use in Google search engine which turn up in inaccurate result.” Simply it is a practice to calculate the page rankings. This type of practice is done for the comical, humorous or satirical purposes. Google bomb was first come in existence in 1999 when a search is made for a phrase ‘More evil than Satan himself’ which resulted in the web page of  Microsoft.

Google bomb is generally on the political issues or some are related to pranks and some are related to ego and self promotion. Google bomb damages the good name or business name to direct people to negative information. These negative informations are in the form of any comment posted in the blogs or any other site or by creating own web page to destroy and damage  the reputation of any business or any famous name.

The biggest example of the Google bomb was the phrase ‘Miserable failure.’ This bomb was created in 2003. When the phrase ‘miserable failure’ was searched, it resulted in the biography of George W. Bush although this phrase does not use anywhere in his biography.

Google Bomb

Famous example of Google Bombing :

1.    Talentless hack:

Adam Mathes launched the first Google bomb by linking the website of his friend Andy Pressman to the phrase ‘Talentless hack.’ He mentioned the term ‘Google bombing’ in the article that appeared on 6 april  2001.

2.    French military victories:

This Google bomb was created by Steve Lerner n 2003.  When the phrase ‘French military victories’ entered in the search engine and hit I’m feeling lucky then the search said ‘Your search- French military victories- did not match any document’ and ask “Did you mean: French military victories.”

Google Bomb 2 - French Military Defeats

3.    Terrorist sympathizer:

A Google bomb was created to the personal website of Bill O’Reilly in November 2005. Bill O’Reilly is famous for social and political views. By placing Bill O’ on website than it resulted as ‘Terrorist sympathizer.’

4.    Chuck Norris finds you :

Arran Schlosberg created a site ‘No Chuck Norris’ for making fool of this website users. When they entered the ‘Chuck Norris’ and hit I’m feeling lucky, it informs you “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.”

Google Bomb 3 - Chuck Norris5.    Tony Blair- a liar:

In 2005, a search for the word ‘liar’ resulted in the official biography of British Prime Minister- Tony Blair. In his Biography, there is detailer information of war in the Iraq and search for the weapons of mass destruction.

One more term ‘poodle’ on the British search engine results to link with Tony Blair.

Google Bomb - Tony Blair

What is the response of Google on this activity:

Google says that it defends its algorithm which is not damaging the quality of services. An attempt is made to reduce the effect of google bombing and try to eliminate many google bombs.

In 2005, the statement by the Google conclude with:

“We don’t condone the practice of Google Bombing, or any other action that seeks to affect the integrity of our search results, but we’re also reluctant to alter our results by hand in order to prevent such items from showing up. Pranks like this may be distracting to some but they don’t affect the overall quality of our search service, whose objectivity as always remains the core of our mission.”

What are the negative impacts of google bombing:

Mostly, grudging and ambiguous people who are mentally unstable do such type of act on the internet. These kind of persons make a fake site and linked with your personal site for their entertainment and directly attacks on your reputation.

If you have your own business and have a lots of contact with the large number of mass then this could happen with you anytime. Such type of people mistreated with your site by doing such illegal action. So it is very important for you to keep complete protection of your site and keep away such type of grudging people. The google bombing is generally done by those people whom you trusted a lot and you know them very well.


What are the steps to get protection from google bomb:

It is necessary to protect yourself from google bombing to save your reputation and you fame. To stop negative information from the search results create your own ‘Google bomb’ which contains the positive information about you.

Or you can create your own blog, create your own websites, create your own personal pages on social networking sites life Facebook, orkut , My space etc. to resort you reputation.


Is Google bomb ended now:

Well this is the best question that arises in everyone’s mind generally who were suffering from the Google bomb. Google , in January 2007, announced that they had mangled their search algorithm to exploit the Google bombs. They also announced that the Google bomb of phrase ‘miserable failure’ was stop working now.

But this time the answer of this question is ‘No, the Google bomb is not at all ended.’ It again came in existence in April 2007, when the bomb of miserable failure again reappeared. This was happen just because The White House website made a mistake of using the word ‘Failure’ in their featured article.

To come out from this problem, Barack Obama again designed the website of White House and did not link with its older website. In this way Google Bomb of phrase ‘miserable failure’ finally destroyed. And if we enter this phrase, the search results either the explanation of this Google bomb or the exact meaning of  this phrase.

Author: Kriti Jain

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