Google Changes Blogspot Address Worldwide


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Google Changes Blogspot Address

Today when i was trying to visit Google hosted blog of my friend, i was redirected to

I was bit confused. I researched about it and found that Google has changed Address of blogs. For example if you try to access, then you will be redirected to

When someone will try to open a free Google Hosted blog, he will get the Country Specific Domain Name.

For Example If You Are From UK then you will get if you are from India then .

The Address are now Blogger’s Location Based.

These changes will take place to only Free Google hosted Blogs. Custom Domains will remain Unaffected from it.

We took Reaction of many Bloggers and Netizens and asked if they liked it. Most of them responded Negatively. Most of them liked the basic .com Domain Name. Some of them said that it will effect the SEO as having two domain name will add adverse effect on their Blog. For example if someone Links your .in Domain in their website, then that .in URL wont change even if it is accessed from USA.

It has many other issues like Facebook Likes and Tweets will be counted for two separate Blogs.

Overall The SEO and Social Analytic will be suffering the most.

How To Stop Redirection Of Blog?

To Stop the redirection of your blog to .in, you can add /ncr in your url. For example .

By adding /ncr it will not redirect to country specific domain i.e. .

I saw a tutorial on Labnol over the possible solution to this problem.

Open your Blogger template, click the Edit HTML button and look for the following line between the <head> and </head> tags

<b:include data=”post” name=”all-head-content”/>

If you are not using the standard XML template and the above tag is missing, just add the following line to your Blogger template inside the tag. [Thanks Aneesh Joseph]

<link expr:href=”data:blog.canonicalUrl” rel=”canonical”/>

The above code is valid for the XML version of Blogger templates but if you are still using the Classic Blogger template, the code is a little different.

<link href=”<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>” rel=”canonical”/>

With this canonical tag, we are telling search engines that even if they encounter our blog page with a .in address, they should only consider the .com address as that’s the original source.

Also, Blogger automatically inserts the rel=canonical tag in your blog templates so you are effectively adding one additional tag will will appear above the original one in the HTML source. When Googlebot encounters multiple canonical tags on a page, they respect the first one so the generated tag would be ignored.

I Hope Google Team Will Fix This Issue Soon. Else Indian Blogger Will Suffer From It.

  • Great post.

    Not sure why Google changed this concept.

    • It Is Still A Mystery for all of us.
      we should hope that Google change its decision.