Google Chromebook Pixel Vs. Apple Macbook Air: Ultrabook War

Google Chromebook Pixel Vs Apple MacBook Pro Ultrabook
Google Chromebook Pixel Vs Apple MacBook Pro Ultrabook

Google launched its first high end laptop which is very attractive and impressive device. This laptop is running on its Chrome OS operating system. It is easy to work on the Chrome OS that makes you perform more and more task on the internet. Lets checkout which ultrabook is better in the war between Google Chromebook Pixel Vs. Apple Macbook Air.

It is expensive laptop by Google but contain lots of amazing features in it. As we talk about the expensive laptops first we think about the Apple’s MacBook. Now the question comes up in the user’s mind that what are the features that Google Chromebook Pixel contains to compete with Apple MacBook Pro?

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This article will tell you all the attractive, amazing and interesting features, competition with Apple MacBook Pro, and advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the features of Google Chromebook Pixel:

  1. Google Chromebook pixel has touch screen display and resolution of 239 pixels per inch. The display measures 12.85 inches diagonally. This laptop has highest pixel density than any other laptop in the market. It beats the retina display of Apple MacBook Pro. The touch display has a resolution of 2560×1700 pixel.
  2.  The weight of pixel is 3.35 pounds.
  3. There are two models of Chromebook Pixel: one is basic model, Pixel(WiFi) and second is LTE model. The basic model has 32GB of solid state storage and LTE model has 64GB of solid state storage. The working memory of pixel is 4GB and memory is DDR3 RAM.
  4. The pixel has 1.8GHz  intel Core i5 processor. The pixel has Intel HD Graphics 4000 cards.
  5. Google chromebook pixel has two 2.0 USB ports. Pixel has mini display port for video and SD/MMC card reader.
  6. Pixel has 3 built in microphones and integrated DSP. This DSP is used for noise cancellation. Pixel has 3.5mm combo headphone/mic jack.
  7. Pixel has lithium ion battery and has 5 hours of active use.
  8. It provides 3TBdrive storagefor 3 years and 12 free sessions of GoGo’s internet. It also gives 100MB/month of access through Verizon wireless for two years and this service is provided only for LTE model.
  9. The basic model of pixel costs $1299 and LTE model costs $1499.

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How it is different from Apple’s MacBook Pro:

FeaturesGoogle Chromebook Pixel (LTE)Google Chromebook Pixel (WiFi)Apple MacBook Pro
Processor1.8GHz dual core Intel Core i51.8GHz dual core Intel Core i52.5GHz Intel core i5
Display12.85 inches12.85 inches13.3 inches
Pixel density239 pixels per inch239 pixels per inch227 pixels per inch
Storage64G B32GB128GB
Ports2 USB 2.0 ports, SD/MMC storage cards2 USB 2.0 ports, SD/MMC storage cards2 USB 3.0 ports, SD/MMC storage cards.
Battery 5 hours5hours7 hours
Weight 3.35 pounds3.35 pounds3.57 pounds

What are the pros and cons of Google pixel chromebook?

Google chromebook Pixel Ultrabook


  • The design of pixel looks very attractive, stylish and gives professional look. The operating system of pixel is running very smooth and user will face no obstacle when he/she uses pixel. The keyboard of pixel is chiclet-style keyboard which gives classy look to it. You need very less time to run the browser and find the things whatever you want.
  •  Touch of pixel is very sensitive. If you place your finger nanometers apart, pixel still respond to it.
  • There are lots of laptops that are unable to play video of 1080p but pixel is free from such problems. When you use this laptop you feel proud that you are using a costly laptop. The booting speed of pixel is very less. Pixel is ready in 10 sec.

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Since pixel has two USB 2.0 ports but it is lack of having 3.0 ports. The biggest point comes in the disadvantages of pixel is its price. It has very high price. It only provides 1TB of google drive storage but any amount of virtual storage is not present in this laptop when you are offline.

Its battery backup is only for 5 hours. You miss lot of pixel feature when you are offline. It has low internal memory.


When you are comparing Google Chromebook Pixel with Apple’s MacBook Pro than you find Apple’s always best. But when you are not comparing it with MacBook then pixel has lots of feature than any other laptops have. No doubt it has that much features that it can make comparision with Apple. But Apple is on its place and Chromebook Pixel as well on its place. So it depends on you what is your choice-Pixel or MacBook pro. I only want to say that it is Google’s first laptop but no other laptops compete with this. So from my side it is the best laptop.

Author: Naveen Thakur