Google Keep Vs Evernote: Best Note Taking App For Your Smartphone


Google officially unveiled its new note taking app i.e. Google Keep on March 20, 2013. Today, life is so busy so no one has time to make a handwritten note of that things which are in your mind. When you talk about technology, there is solution for keeping note. When you think about basic note taking then first thing come in your mind is Evernote. This service is available for all smartphones. So lets check out which note taking app is better, Google Keep Vs Evernote.

Google also give the solution for this by launching its new android app, Google keep. From the above introduction you already understand that what is the work of Google Keep.

According to Wikipedia- “Google Keep is a service provided by Google which integrates note taking and web surfing.”

According to Wikipedia- “Evernote is a suite software and services designed foe notetaking and archiving.”

google keep vs evernote
google keep vs evernote

Now the question arises in everyone’s mind, what does Google do to make this app different from Evernote or will it replace Evernote?

The features of this service explain you that what are the new things that Google develop in this service.

 Features of Google Keep:-

Main features of Google Keep are creating checklists, creating voice notes and ingraining photos in the notes. Integration with Google Drive is the most interesting feature of this service. Consequently, you can easily access any of your note created in your smartphone on your tablet or PC. If you are not running android smartphone 4.0.3 or higher than you can also access or edit notes on web by using this app.

You can add colors to your notes so that you can identify any note very easily. You can also add up images by clicking it through camera. You can easily categorize your notes by using this app.

If you want to create a note then you have to click on the note icon and add title to the note. The virtual keyboard appears when you add the title. When you created a note, you can change the color of note.

You can easily send your notes to the document editor i.e. Google Drive, Facebook, Gmail, Picasa and many more.


Here are some features of Evernote that clears you the difference:

Features of Evernote:

google keep vs evernote
google keep vs evernote

You can easily access all you notes, files, images, web clips on any of the device by using Evernote. By using this application you can easily save web pages to your evernote account. By using this service, you can share your notes and collaborate with your friends and colleagues.

This service is provided on all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Windows phone etc.

This service is best for business use. Business version of evernote contains professional content and having a business library. Evernote already supports all the Features of Google keep.

By using Evernote, you can create notebook and then further making the notes of that Notebook.

CompatibilityWeb, AndroidWeb, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
PriceFreeFree for 60MB/month, $5/month premium for 1GB, $10/month business
IntegrationGoogle DrivePenultimate, Skitch, Web clipper, Hello, Clearly, third party apps in trunk
Offline accessYesYes
Notes formatText, Images, Web pages, audio notes, photosText, Images, Web pages, audio notes, photos, OCR for handwriting and files
CollaborationNoYes (allow other to edit notes.)
BusinessIt does not have any business featuresEvernote is good for business purpose.



  You can see features of both the services above. We can’t rank any of the service as top one. If anyone wants easy service to use then he/she should prefer Google Keep and if he want to go for more and more features than Evernote is best for them.

The services that are provided by the Google Keep is very limited.

If you want service for business purpose then you should go for Evernote.

We can see every feature provided by the Google Keep is already in the Evernote and there are some more features too that takes evernote in the best position.

I do not use Google Keep right now but as we know it is a product of Google so it provides you the belief that every user keeps on Google.

Author: Kriti Jain