Google Loads Google Glass With Android Apps

Google Glass Android Apps

Google Glass Android Apps
Google Glass Android Apps

It seems like Google is about to release a fresh set of more compelling applications for Google Glass. In present scenario, Glass developers can only develop apps that are fundamentally web based services that interact with the user’s hardware through a group of relatively limited APIs. At its I/O developer conference previously this year, Google revealed that it would soon unveil its so-called “glass development kit” (GDK), which would help them develop Android-based apps for Google Glass that can work directly on the device.

Till now, however, Google still hasn’t released the GDK. Instead, Google today inspired developers who are waiting for the GDK to start working on Android apps for Google Glass using the standard Android SDK (API Level 15) to probe out their ideas.

As Google notes, developers can utilise the SDK to access low-level hardware to produce OpenGL and use stock Android UI widgets, for example. Developers can also access the accelerometer of Glass through the SDK.

Android Version

Google Glass, after all, works on Android 4.0.4, so it’s a well-known platform for legion of developers. To help rookies get started, though, the company also unveiled a number of sample apps today that brings out some of the things developers can do with Android on Glass. Over the forthcoming few weeks, Google Glass team member Alain Vongsouvanh wrote, the team will also use these sample apps to “demonstrate the migration path between a traditional Android app and a full Glass experience.”

For Google Glass to reach its full potential, developers require improved access to the device’s hardware, so it’s pleasant to see Google moving up with this. It’s still a bit of a surprise that Google has not released the GDK yet. And the fact that it made in recent announcements implies that it could still take some weeks out. If you’re a Glass developer, though, it is probably a good time to start thinking now, about how would you employ Android on Glass.

Author: Pranay Purohitt