Project Tango: 3D Mapping By Google

Google’s Project Tango

Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects group has started a new initiative called Project Tango which could actually map any object and interiors in 3D using only your  smartphone. Google has been working on this project for the past 1  year. The main aim of the Google’s Project Tango is to provide you smartphone a human understanding of 3d environment.  Project Tango can prototype mapping in hours which will take months without this technology.

Project Tango Smartphone

The Project Tango is a prototype smartphone with a 5 inch screen. This smartphone is packed with hardware and software programs which are optimized to take measurements of the 3D surrounding. The programs inside the prototype smartphone can provide the positioning and orientation data to the android application and Unity Game engine in the phone. The official pictures of the Project tango smartphone have been released by Google. It is in white color and can make 1.4 million measurements per second by updating the smartphone orientation.

Project Tango Prototype Smartphone
Project Tango Prototype Smartphone

Features of the Project Tango Smartphone

Using this project, a person can capture the dimension of his house, you can locate map of a whole building using Project Tango Smartphone. This project will be widely used in the mapping of objects for gaming purposes.

Features of Project Tango Smartphone are:

  • The smartphone has a 4 Mega Pixel camera at the back to capture all the objects in its way.
  • It is loaded with 2x Computer Vision Processors.
  • Project Tango smartphone has inbuilt depth sensors.
  • At the bottom of the smartphone, a Motion Tracking Camera is located.
Project Tango Smartphone Design
Project Tango Smartphone Design

Google has 200 prototype smartphones in the Project Tango. Some of these smartphones have been allocated various projects in the areas of indoor navigation, 3D mapping, single and multiplayer games that use physical space (Racing Games, Shooting Games), and new algorithms for processing sensor data.

Jhonny Lee, a worker in Google ATAP group said “As we walk through our daily lives, we use visual cues to navigate and understand the world around us. We observe the size and shape of objects and rooms, and we learn their position and layout almost effortlessly over time. This awareness of space and motion is fundamental to the way we interact with our environment and each other. We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. Yet, our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen.”

Distribution of the project tango smartphone will start on 14th March 2014


Who Backed This Project?

16 prominent names have already backed this project. Some of them are: Bosch, BSQUARE, JPL, OLogic, Paracosm, Open Source Robotics Foundations, hiDOF, MMSolutions, Movidius, University of Minnesota, Flyby, The George Washington University etc.

Author: Naveen Thakur