Google’s New Click-to-Teleport Beta Extension

Google's New Click To Teleport Extension
Google's New Click To Teleport Extension

Google’s new Click to Teleport function is an April Fool’s Joke launched by Google on April 1st, 2012, that purports to make it easier to drive customers straight to your door, making online shopping far more versatile than ever. The features of the beta Click-to-Teleport extension will be described below.

Get from Point A to Point B Faster Than Ever

The Click to Teleport extension is described by Google as the fastest way for a person to get from one point to the next. According to Google, through the extension, potential customers can now travel immediately through time and space to reach the location of your business simply by clicking on a search ad on the internet.

If Google is to be believed, you won’t ever need to worry about click through rates, or the rates at which people on the internet follow ads in comparison to the number of times the ads are shown. Nor will you need to think about conversion tracking, or learning how often your ads and online marketing efforts lead to people following through to learn more about you and your business.

Call metrics, or statistics related to how often you receive calls due to your ads being viewed and followed by people searching on Google, should also become things of the past. According to Google, all customers will need to do is click on your ads and they will be instantly whisked away to your business location, where, naturally, they will be ready to spend their money on your goods and services.

Drive In-store Sales in the Literal Sense of the Phrase

Google promises to shorten the standard funnel through which customers must be increasingly convinced to go from learning about your product on the internet to being interested enough to visit your store to do their shopping in the flesh.

According to Google, now your searchers and visitors have an easy and simple way to directly learn about any business and convert their views into purchases. Per Google’s fantasy metrics, the offline, brick and mortar sales of advertisers who make use of their Click to Teleport beta extension are likely to increase by 36 times their prior values, which is an enviable conversion rate by any metric.

Say Goodbye to Location Targeting

Finally, Google’s Click to Teleport extension aims to do away with localised business restrictions by offering the potential for unlimited sales through globalisation in every sense of the word. Imagine being able to let your visitors come directly to your store without paying a penny, no matter where they started from on the planet: Tokyo to Texas. New York to New Zealand. London to Lebanon. This is now possible through Google’s services.

Google provides the eye opening example of a New Yorker with a craving for sushi teleporting to Tokyo in time to catch the afternoon buffet. However, Google slyly notes there is no way for users to teleport themselves back to their home locations, showing that, as with any other beta software, you try it at your own risk.

Author Bio:Mitch is a Search Engine Marketer, who in his spare time runs one of the most popular Sci-Fi forums in the internet. He admits that he got a bit excited when he first saw Google’s new feature, before realising it was a joke. He loved the thought of going to Italy on his lunchbreak while at his agency’s search engine marketing Melbourne headquarters. Mitch remains hopeful of being able to this one day.  If You Wish To Write Articles For Whitec0de Magazine, then Click Here.